Ekali & mossy. - Stay Hollow

Producers Ekali and mossy. team up to bring this brooding trap banger. The whole thing has a great mix of chill and evolving soundscapes, vocal chops, piano breakdowns. When the beat drops in, the whole thing has a slow jam groove to it that sells me on the whole thing. Check this out, and watch for mossy. dropping some new material soon.

Also, get this on your preferred platform through this link.


FromThx L - Thx L Vol.1 EP

FromThx L reached out to me and put himself on my radar a little while back when he was putting out Who Am I?, which impressed me. Since then he’s come back with quality content with FWY and now with the Vol.1 EP. All 3 tracks have distinct flows and sounds, and feature different producers behind each beat ( RK, Black Mayo, TraxxHitmaker). The bars here are also tight, catchy, and reflective. Don’t sleep on this EP, and keep an eye on future work on Apple Music, Spotify, or Soundcloud.


rgry - 9302018

I’m jumping back in here with a few posts, and what better way to start than with the freshest piece of trap from a producer I’ve been following for a long time. rgry just dropped 9302018, which is a short but intense burst of experimental bass. Check this out soon though, rgry tends to upload and delete from their soundcloud page often.


What So Not - Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)

The remix pack that this track is a part of showed up in my inbox earlier last week courtesy of Sweat It Out, and I am super pumped to include it on the blog.  Having gone through the remix pack in its entirety, and given the heavy tracks I've been posting this week, the Noisia remix of What So Not's Divide & Conquer fit in perfectly.

This remix is so heavy I should be including a disclaimer in the post. In fact, there's your disclaimer right there.  Noisia goes in hard on this remix, and have come out with an intense genre-bending piece of work that I'm honestly stumped as to how to classify it.  It has drum and bass elements, drumstep elements, trap elements, and some stuff beyond all of these. The buildups are put together in a way that brings the pressure straight to your chest before dropkicking you in the same region with the huge distorted basslines that take the focus as soon as you hear them.

I don't even know what more to say on this one, other than you need to listen to it now, and put it on repeat if you like anything heavy in your musical diet at all.  Hit this link to grab this remix and the rest of the package on the major music retailers/streaming platforms.


Tabrill - Letters ft. Youth Allowance

We've got something a little different for you all today, a genre defying collaboration between two Brisbane based acts - future beats/trap/chill/electronic/general cool sounds producer Tabrill, and indie rock group Youth Allowance.

The idea came about as many strange yet great collaboration ideas come from - in an alcohol-influenced conversation at a party. Will from Youth Allowance approached Tabrill about doing a track together, and the two parties came together to create the hybrid, genre-defying (or maybe genre defining? yes?) Letters. A really nice mix of indie instrumentation and lyricism brought together with Tabrill's electronic production experience, and the outcome is better than anyone could have hoped.

Have a listen to the track below, and if you're feeling it, pick it up on iTunes or stream with your Spotify account. Make sure to follow both Tabrill and Youth Allowance on Soundcloud to keep up with their new material.  We are.

- KJ

.OCIN - Forever Ya

In much of the same stream as the other post from today, German producer .OCIN brings a chill trap/future beats vibe with Forever Ya.  This one is super fresh, as it was just published earlier today. This is a great track for ending your Monday on a laid back note - Forever Ya is introduced with a really nice laid back melody with a little bit of low end bass accompaniment before the percussion drops in. Even then, the whole track works together nicely to give the feel of a mellow slow jam. Again, pitched vocals make an appearance to give some lyrical interest.

.OCIN has uploaded this one as a free download, so make sure you hit that shopping cart in the embedded player below or click here and pick it up if you're feeling it.

- KJ

Mellow Monday Material - Koala and CATMAGIC

I came across CATMAGIC on my Soundcloud stream a little while back, and through a little bit of profile exploration, also came across Koala - which I believe are two pseudonyms for the same producer. His material really embodies a very laid back chill vibe, which is exactly the type of music we try to post for Mellow Mondays. The tracks here have kind of a chill trap vibe, but they're all so soothing that it's hard to actually classify them as such. Have a listen below and see for yourself.

All of these tracks are available for free download as well, so hit the download button in the embedded players on any that you feel like adding to your collection - it's really that simple! Also make sure to check out both Koala's Soundcloud and CATMAGIC's Soundcloud for more material, and give them a follow to keep up to date on new releases.

- KJ

Spazzkid - Promise (Suken Remix)

Spazzkid released the Promise EP a while back in the summer of 2014, an album with an indie dance feel to it.  The title track Promise also feels like it has some indie rock influence to it.

French producer Suken has just recently put his own spin on the title track that feels very much like chill glitch hop/trap/electro.  The remix is a drastic departure from the original while still keeping many of the lyrics, and also maintaining a real summer vibe. The cherry on top is that it's uploaded as a free download.

If you like this remix from Suken, make sure to check his other material on his soundcloud page - much of it is in the same genre niche as this remix, and also up for free download.

- KJ

Xander Lewis - Honeydew

This is some summery new age electronic funk if I've ever heard it before. I don't think I have. Is this some funky glitch hop? Chilled funky trap? I'm not quite sure what to call it, but if you're looking for something to work you through your Tuesday, this is it. Xander Lewis has created something really different here, and just in time to get downloaded before you have any holiday road trips. Honeydew features some really interesting synth work and forward thinking sounds while still keeping a steady funky vibe throughout the entire piece. Supported and premiered by the new collective Soda Island.

This is up for free download as well, can't go wrong.

- KJ

SoySauce - Thug Panda ft. Andy Milonakis (Lunch Money Project)

This is another free download coming courtesy of SoySauce.  You may remember us posting about his track Broken Record with Joni Fatora back in early February, and a little bit about his upcoming Lunch Money project. If the Lunch Box project doesn't sound familiar, let me introduce you. While Thug Panda is available as a free download, it will also available as a paid track though iTunes as part of the Lunch Money EP release in May.  If you purchase the track through iTunes as part of the Lunch Money EP, all proceeds from the sales will go toward setting up school lunch projects in some of the world's poorest communities. It's tough to concentrate fully at school on an empty stomach, and many kids who have this issue are also faced with other difficult issues that affect their ability to be successful in school.  If you decide to put up a couple bucks and purchase the EP through iTunes when it is released in May, you are helping to feed a child and enable them to succeed in school by lowering at least one of their barriers to learning.

Thug Panda starts out fairly chill and unsuspecting, then things start to heat up at about the 50 second mark.  As a Thug Panda is wont to do, this one will sneak up on you.  Least of all was I expecting the rap from Andy Milonakis that drops in at the 2:18 mark.  While the rap on this may not be your cup of tea, SoySauce has reassured a number of people already that the EP will include an instrumental of Thug Panda as a bonus track.  So feed children, AND get this instrumental by picking up the iTunes release in May.  It's a win-win here folks.

Stream the track below, and watch SoySauce's social media for the release of the Lunch Money EP coming sometime in May.

- KJ

TastyTreat x Black Monday x Cory Enemy - Press Reset ft. Amory

Press Reset is a really nice chill vocal trap track that should get your Monday going nicely. A collaboration between a number of artists - TastyTreat, Black MondayCory Enemy and Amory, there was no shortage of creative vibes going into this production. There are a lot of really interesting elements to this one, from intriguing key runs, to vocal chops, to the myriad of different synth sounds worked into. This is some future music for sure. Don't just take my word for it though, have a listen for yourself below.

This is available as part of a full free album release Hebinomichi Vol. 2, so head over and grab the 14 track compilation for whatever you would like to pay. The compilation has a number of great producers featured, from KRNE to SteLouse amongst others.  Check it out!

- KJ

Micetro X Casual Magic - Love In Color

I'm a bit late in posting this one, as it's been up for a couple months now, but I just came across it and had to share.  Micetro and Casual Magic came together to make this bit of energetic chill trap (Is that a possible combination?  Listen and you'll see what I mean...) and released it as a free download.

Love In Color has really warm synth work, heavy trap style percussion, along with chopped vocals that seem to be delivered with a kind of laid back urgency.  This track seems to sit right on the fence between really energetic and chilled out and laid back.  Brought together, it's a thoroughly enjoyable piece of music to listen to the whole way through, and is available to grab for your music library for absolutely nothing aside from a Soundcloud follow.  Have a listen below, and pick it up for your collection.

- KJ

Soundpalette - Desires

Seriously, does Soundpalette release much of anything that isn't awesome? From where we stand, we haven't seen it... Desires is fresssshhh off of his Soundcloud, and up for free download. As usual, Soundpalette creates an emotional soundscape of pads and ambient sounds, leading up into some really interesting beats. He also enlisted the help of  vocalist Emy Zaluzna to lay down some emotional lyrical content for this track.

This has been up for about an hour, hop on it while it's fresh.  Or hop on it after a while, it'll still be just as good.  But don't sleep on this one - hit the download button in the player below to add it to your collection.

- KJ