Johnny Utah - Skytop Garden

Sometimes a slightly drunken phone message makes the perfect intro to a fun and funky jam. Johnny Utah proves this in spades on Skytop Garden, released through Nice Guys Records. This is a jam, trust me. Have a listen below and I doubt you’ll disagree.

If you want purchasing or other platform streaming options, click here.


MORRT - Adore U

MORRT is back today with another free download follow up to his 3AM EP, Adore U. This is a funky sample-based piece fusion of a number of styles from hip hop to funk to house in the way only the producer from Derbyshire can. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, it's short but oh so sweet. The horn section and vocal sample throughout really set the stage for the whole track with a nice summery vibe.

Seriously, this one is downloadable straight from the player below, so what are you waiting for? Follow MORRT on Soundcloud and grab all his other free downloads, or pick up his latest offering on iTunes - Dive Right In.

- KJ

Soulstruck - Messy Bed w/ MKSB

For your Mellow Monday evening, we have a little hip hop instrumental gem from Soulstruck and MKSB. It also describes the state of my bedroom 99% of the time. Messy Bed features some funky instrumentation on the keys and guitar, with a swingy, laid back broken beat bringing it all together.  Have a listen, and enjoy the rest of your Monday night.

- KJ

Bill Withers - Use Me (Jackson Breit and Carneyval Remix)

The 70's has never sounded so fresh.  A collaboration between Jackson Breit and Carneyval, the two artists have redone Bill Withers' funky and soulful disco classic Use Me. It was dropped on Soundcloud a while back, but I just stumbled across it while doing the writeup and background for the remix of Kendrick Lamar that I posted earlier in the week.

This revision of the original maintains much of the original instrumentation and even some of Bill Withers' vocals through sampling, but the overall feel is very much modernized, along with the addition of Jackson Breit's own vocals and original lyrics.  Have a listen for yourself, and then hit the shopping cart in the player below to download your free copy of this awesome revision of a classic.

- KJ

Flamingosis - Newski Album

It's no surprise that freshdrops has been feeling what Flamingosis has been putting out for some time.  I don't think there has been much material put out on his Soundcloud that we haven't posted, so why stop now?  The producer from New Jersey just put up a collection of 15 tracks that simply hadn't been released anywhere as of yet.  There may be a few tracks in here that sound familiar, as they've been included in some of the Friday Care Packages earlier in the year.  

Though the album spans a larger length of time between the earliest and most recently produced tracks, they all are recognizably Flamingosis, with his flare for meshing everything from Jazz, Swing and Funk into his Hip Hop beats.  This is all up for download from his Bandcamp Page here for just $7.

As if the 15 track album wasn't enough this week, Flamingosis also released an awesome Biggie remix, as a free download from his Soundcloud page. All you have to do to grab this is hit the download button in the embedded player here.

Also, if you haven't picked up the Kahunastyle album that was released earlier this year, get on it here.  It's also a free download.

- KJ

Xander Lewis - Honeydew

This is some summery new age electronic funk if I've ever heard it before. I don't think I have. Is this some funky glitch hop? Chilled funky trap? I'm not quite sure what to call it, but if you're looking for something to work you through your Tuesday, this is it. Xander Lewis has created something really different here, and just in time to get downloaded before you have any holiday road trips. Honeydew features some really interesting synth work and forward thinking sounds while still keeping a steady funky vibe throughout the entire piece. Supported and premiered by the new collective Soda Island.

This is up for free download as well, can't go wrong.

- KJ

CRWN - Better Together

Today's Mellow Monday vibes are brought to you from Manila based producer CRWN. He brings a chilled funky vibe to this free download on MIRAJE, a net-label based in Paris. This track bridges a number of genres, with elements of funk, electronica, future beats and hip hop, Better Together comes out with a distinct feel that fans of any of these genres should appreciate, while also appeasing an appetite for something new.

Speaking of Better Together, this track and your music collection would be better together... and with no economic barriers in your way, why not pick it up through the download button on the player below?

- KJ

Just Kiddin - The Getaway Mixtape

We've been rocking this mix here and there for some time now, as Just Kiddin published it to their Soundcloud not quite a month ago.  We thought it would be a good time to post it though, as it is a promo mix for the new EP that Just Kiddin is releasing for free through Bit Torrent today (March 2nd). The two tracks that Just Kiddin are releasing are Getaway and Always There, which appear in the mix at 12:50 and 27:50 respectively.Grab the two track EP (the pack includes the mix, and both mp3 and wav files) right here. All you have to do is submit your email address and download the bundle torrent file.  You will need a torrent client to finish the download.

This is a great summery mix that follows a nice energy progression throughout, with each track building on the last, and with a nice mix of fresh faces and established artists featured. If there was a mix to get you through the Monday blahs, the midweek slump, or the last bits of winter, it's definitely this one.  The mix is up for free download as well, so you can take it wherever you like by hitting the shopping cart button on the player below.

- KJ

Flamingosis - Kahunastyle [Keats Collective]

We posted one of the tracks from this album, Midnight in Montreal (embedded below) in our Friday Care Package on February 6th. The whole Flamingosis album has now been released and is available free from Keats Collective at their Bandcamp page here. Kahunastyle (a reference to a childhood nickname) brings together hip hop, funk, disco and electronic styles into one body of work, and the end result is great. Flamingosis brings in several collaborators in on this, including Yung Bae on Groovin', A Sol Mechanic on Future Lounge, and Go Yama on Cup of Ramen.

The whole album is full of great tracks, all in easily digestible tracks around 3 minutes long. The short length of the tracks need not suggest that there is a lack of substance here, as that is far from the case. 

If you're a fan of hip hop, funk, or just enjoyable music in general, make sure to grab this album now right here.

- KJ

Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Jump Ship Bootleg)

This Thursday I'm all about the pop influence on freshdrops I guess. Hard not to be though, with tracks like this showing up! Once again, a free download, this one courtesy of Jump Ship.

The original is a great funk pop track, and Jump Ship's take on it is a great house bootleg. There is just enough of the main vocal left in to make it obviously recognizable, but definitely a departure from the original. The bootleg keeps the funkiness of the original track, while also integrating a kind of deep/future house hybrid sound to give this a unique feel.

Make sure to check the bootleg out below, and if you want a copy, just send a message to the guys themselves and they will get you a copy!  So far it looks like they haven't uploaded it for general download yet, but they also have a number of other free bootlegs and originals through their Facebook page if you're feeling their style.

- KJ

Sam Padrul - Shine (feat. Chuck New)

Sam Padrul  brings a huge Chromeo vibe on this funky Nu Disco track.  There is very little that I can really say about Shine, other than it is an extremely catchy nu disco/funk tune.  If this sound is up your alley, there is much more available from the Chicago based artist on his Soundcloud page, both originals and remixes.

If you want to pick up Shine, you can buy it on its own, or as part of Epic Network Music's compilation Youngsters - ENM Happy, Vol. 1, available on iTunes.

- KJ

Vulfpeck - Santa Baby (Woody's Demo)

It might seem a bit late for Christmas songs, but for those of you who were unaware, today is Ukrainian Christmas. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I am sharing a funky funky rendition of Santa Baby by LA-based group called Vulfpeck. This is probably one of the funkiest Christmas songs I have ever heard.  So Merry Christmas if you are celebrating Christmas today, or keep this in mind for your next Christmas holiday season.

I am unsure as to where or if this one is released anywhere, but if you find it - let me know and I will update this post with a link!

In the meantime, check out other funky releases from Vulfpeck on their Bandcamp.

- KJ