Jamie-Rose - Casual

Australian artist Jamie-Rose recently released Casual back on Friday, with the beat produced by EDY. A catchy piece based on the conversation that anyone single and under 30 probably knows well by now. She had reached out to talk about some of the music she has just waiting for release, and there will be some more pretty dope content coming from her soon - trust me. In the meantime, definitely check out Casual and keep an eye on this space for more.

If you’re looking for the Spotify link to add to your playlists, it’s right here. If you prefer Apple music instead, we’ve got you covered too.

Still working on getting posts up here more regularly, have a lot of projects on the go currently (but everything posted is of course top-quality).


Johnny Utah - Skytop Garden

Sometimes a slightly drunken phone message makes the perfect intro to a fun and funky jam. Johnny Utah proves this in spades on Skytop Garden, released through Nice Guys Records. This is a jam, trust me. Have a listen below and I doubt you’ll disagree.

If you want purchasing or other platform streaming options, click here.


JAHKOY - Still In Love (INSTRUM Remix)

INSTRUM has brought some serious deep house summer heat to JAHKOY's Still In Love, remixing the original into a hybrid of R&B, Hip Hop and Deep House.

From the first heavy but warm chords coming through, you know you're in for something great. With the first buildup coming early and the melodic bassline dropping in all before the one minute mark, the remix evolves quickly, but not abruptly. The original lyrics from JAHKOY are still very prominent, but the overall vibe on this remix is ready for the summer beach party or club. Overall, it's a super warm and catchy dance edit that you need to get into your music collection.

INSTRUM has released this as a free download as well, with the download being a full 320kbps extended mix.  If you've gotten this far and still haven't downloaded it, I'm not quite sure what you're doing. Did we mention it's FREE? Get on this.

- KJ

Gravez and ELHAE - Call Me Back

Atlanta artists Gravez and ELHAE teamed up to bring you this emotional hip hop and rnb jam called Call Me Back. I won't go to hard into lyric analysis, as you can tell where they're coming from just listening to the track. Think calling the ex. In any case, this track is a beautiful blend of production and vocal prowess alike in the style.

Call Me Back is up as a free download, scoop it here.

- KJ

Maejor - Me And You

Maejor comes with the complete package on Me And You, an emotional R&B vocal layered overtop of a chilled out house beat produced by Nico Stadi. This is one track that is undeniably catchy and poppy, but I just can't get enough. Then, just when you think you know the track, they switch up the style, transitioning in just under the three minute mark to finish off the track with something new. All in all, this is just a purely enjoyable, catchy single.  Have a listen in the player below, and grab it on iTunes here.

- KJ

Jono Cruz - Fresh Drops Vol. 1: Guest Mix

Uknowy music - Free Downloads

This post is a bit of a label spotlight, uknowy music is a label based in Munich Germany, and has a unique flare for releases that seem to share a vibe combining elements of hip hop, rnb, and electronica in addition to mixing in a healthy dose of sampling and remix culture. The label was nice enough to combine a a playlist on their Soundcloud page of all their free downloads in one location, which is embedded below.

If you like what's on show for free below, make sure to check their Soundcloud page for more full releases, including really awesome looking and quality filled physical (limited production) releases like this.

- KJ

Cavalier - Flirt (Ft. DrewsThatDude)

This is a super fresh rework of the classic R Kelly song I'm A Flirt, and a perfect fit for a Mellow Monday post.  Cavalier and DrewsThatDude have taken the vocal from the original R Kelly track, pitched it and worked it in with some great instrumental work.  The piano work in this one really does it for me, but the whole piece overall is a really nice reworking of the track into a new style.  

This chill R&B Trap hybrid has really been growing on me for a while, and fresh tracks like this make me thankful I've been following artists like Cavalier.  Make sure you check out his Soundcloud, and pick this track up direct from Cavalier's Bandcamp page for a cool single USD.

- KJ

freshdrops Friday Care Package - Jan 9th

Friday - the generally accepted start of the weekend.  The first opportunity to go out and really let loose and get crazy after the work week.  Everyone loves Fridays, and freshdrops is no exception.  

With Fridays in mind, we are introducing the first freshdrops friday care package - a playlist of 8 tracks we've come across this week presented in playlist format to hopefully start your weekend off right.  No long descriptions, just a playlist (which may have some free downloads sprinkled in) to get into and hold you through the weekend.

We hope to continue this every Friday - enjoy the first installment!