rgry - 9302018

I’m jumping back in here with a few posts, and what better way to start than with the freshest piece of trap from a producer I’ve been following for a long time. rgry just dropped 9302018, which is a short but intense burst of experimental bass. Check this out soon though, rgry tends to upload and delete from their soundcloud page often.


rgry - good2u

rgry has been putting out hot music pretty consistently through Soundcloud, a lot of it on that future, chill trap, hip hop vibe.  We just saw good2u pop up in our stream recently as it was reposted by audiopium, and it's quality material. This is one for those of you who want some passionate lyrics along with your beats.  This goes back to Teddy Riley and Tammy Lucas' Is It Good To You, though I am not quite sure whether the vocal used in this is sampled and pitched or covered with a new vocalist. Either way, it's fresh again.

There was no link from the new post on audiopium, but we dug up the original upload from rgry which is still up for free download, so grab it from the player below. If you haven't checked rgry's Soundcloud page, make sure you check it, as there is a lot more cool stuff there, some as free downloads.

- KJ