Loote - High Without Your Love (NAKID Remix)

Fresh New York duo Loote has come out with what I can only imagine will be a 2017 summer anthem. The original is fairly stripped back and reminds me very much of the Chainsmokers hit that seems to keep holding popularity, Closer. If the radio can get over the mild references to drug use, High Without Your Love is bound to follow in the same footsteps. At the same time, this is a call to love as opposed to a drug fuelled anthem, and the musical production follows in the same feel good path laid out by the lyrics.

The remix we're supporting comes from Swedish producer NAKID that turns up the energy slightly with additional percussion while still keeping the emotional feel of the original. The result is a danceable romantic ode to a significant other.  Give it a listen and make sure to add it to your Spotify summer playlists.


Watermät & Moguai - Portland (Oliver Adam Remix)

I came across this remix today on my Soundcloud stream, and really liked the spin that Oliver Adam put on this Watermät and Moguai track. This is (in my opinion) a huge improvement from the original track, which I have to be honest, I probably would not have given a second listen. Oliver Adam has worked some magic here on this remix though. It's a bit tropical, but also has a really deep feel to it, with a touch of a future vibe as well. He also makes ample use of the vocal throughout this remix, making up for how little it is used in the original.

Oliver Adam created this track as an entry into the Spinnin' Records remix competition, so if you want to see it released, or if you just like the track, vote for it here.  Make sure you also check out his Soundcloud page for more of his work.

- KJ

WDSTCK - So Free (Millesim Remix)

Millesim have come up with a really laid back and summery remix of WDSTCK's So Free.  While the original has a bit of a tropical feel, it has a much quicker pace and heavier drums. Where Millesim really shines is their stripped back and lounge style indie tropical vibe that allows a lot more expression in the melodic elements of the track. Even the vocals seem more expressive and free in this, a bit of a fitting description for its title. We hope you enjoy this remix wherever you happen to be spending your mellow Monday.

The Millesim remix was released back in mid-june as part of the remix package for So Free, with 4 other remixes. It is available from iTunes here.

- KJ

Mar - She's A Dancer (Produced by Sebastian Carter)

Mar brought some new material to Soundcloud this past week with She's A Dancer, the backing track produced by Sebastian Carter. This is a fairly chilled out tropical deep house track for Mellow Monday.

Starting off with some simple evolving synth pads and also adding in some subtle percussion, Sebastian Carter lays the perfect backdrop to showcase Mar's always spectacular vocals. The buildup finally drops in at the 1:10 mark, with She's A Dancer moving into tropical deep house territory. Mar is still very much still present in the track, and the backing track calms back down for the second verse only to drop back in at 2:55.

Mar has also released this for free download through Toneden, so hit the shopping cart in the player below and grab your copy.

- KJ

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You (Mike Williams Future Remix)

So I've been having an internal battle ever since I found this track as to whether or not I should post it on freshdrops, since its such a guilty guilty pleasure. In the end, I decided there's no way I can withhold this sugary frosted future house goodness from all of you and just keep it for my own private pleasure, and so here is the post.

Carly Rae Jepsen is a name that should be fairly recognizable, as she is likely responsible for at least one song that you've had stuck in your head... Which again, I had a very Todd Edwards-y dub remix that I had the guilty and cheeky pleasure of throwing into a few sets here and there. Well she's back with an equally persistent earworm, made all the more enjoyable by Netherlands based Mike Williams putting a future house spin on it. And it's available through TropiKult as a free download.  If you enjoy hitting repeat an ungodly amount of times, listen and download below.  If you're not into mashing repeat, you may want to pass on this one.  Seriously, don't even listen.  Hey, at least I warned you.

- KJ

Snoop Dogg - Peaches N Cream (JackLNDN Remix)

If you're looking for some serious summer vibes, look no further - JackLNDN delivers just that in his remix of Snoop's first single Peaches N Cream off of his upcoming 2015 album Bush. JackLNDN's bootleg has a laid back house vibe with warm synths throughout, while retaining the funky vibe from the original and featuring the full suite of Snoop lyrics.

Stream below, grab the free download and get the summer started.

- KJ

Ben Howard - The Fear (Elkoe Remix)

Indie Folk House? Can we coin that now? Has it been done already? If not, it's been done now - a really cool remix of Ben Howard's The Fear was just put up by a producer out of Calgary - Elkoe.

The majority of the original lyrics and instrumentation are left virtually untouched - so if you know the original, this will sound very familiar. Elkoe has essentially woven a house soundscape tightly into the open spaces left in the original recording.  If you are a fan of folk music or house music alike, this will have something for you.  Best of all, this was published as a free download, so jump on it.  You can download straight from the embedded player below.

- KJ

Tinashe - All Hands On Deck (Giraffage Remix)

Giraffage comes in hard with this fresh remix of Tinashe!  Premiered on yesterday (April 8th) by the blog Gorilla Vs. Bear, this is fresh.

The intro to this remix seems pretty standard, but the remix really drops in at 0:53 and goes hard. This is a really different style, I'm not sure how to best describe it.  It's kind of laid back deep/tropical house mixed with indie dance, and a contemporary take on Popcorn along with the samples from the original track. It is pretty different, but is overall a really enjoyable remix - likely my favourite remix of this track I've heard to date.

Stream in the player below.  I'm not too sure on any release for this, but keep your ear to the ground for that.

- KJ

Felon - Closer

Felon, a crew of three London producers, have only been around for a little over a year, but have blown up over this relatively short span of time.  Felon's tracks are really well done, so it's no surprise that they are now getting attention from major labels such as Ultra Music. From really cool remixes to very polished originals, Felon's material is rock solid from start to finish.  If you don't believe me, just head back to their Soundcloud and see for yourself. Their first single that was released was Isla, and one of my favourites that was also picked up by Ultra is Colour.

Felon is back again with a new track set for dancefloors and beachside sets the world over, straddling a line between deeper tech house and garage, and the summery vibes of tropical house.  Let yourself G a little closer, and have a listen for yourself below.  You won't be disappointed.  Then hit the download button at the top right hand side of the embedded player, as Felon and Ultra have released this as a completely free download.

Don't forget to check their Soundcloud page for more past heat.

- KJ