It's been a while!

So the most recent hiatus from posting has been again due to focusing on my masters program. However, in an attempt to force myself to write more both for my thesis and for this, I'm hoping to start posting regularly again. On a related note, I've also started helping a little bit with artist recruitment for, which is a new streaming and music distribution service that is trying to solve some issues with the traditional music industry using smart contracts. This is quite an interesting area for me because it combines my academic work in tech and society, and blockchain specifically, with my passion of music. I think it's a pretty cool project, but don't take my word for it - check the link above, or watch the explanation video below.

One other cool thing that Choon is planning to implement are monetized playlists - this could be a really great way to promote and be able to support the costs of blogging or to provide some recognition of listeners that share music. All around pretty cool stuff!

You can also check out updates from Choon on Medium to keep up on platform development!

That's it for an update for now, will be back more soon though :)