fromthedeepends - 1994 and Anitta

I’ve been coming across a lot of really dope fresh and independent hip hop and trap lately. fromthedeepends is definitely one of the standouts to me. 1994 was my first introduction to their work, with a really mellow and laid back groove, but a seriously thoughtful and technical flow throughout.

Anitta comes with a very different style, vibe and lyrical content. This one is much more focused on the flex and the complimentary pursuit of who I can only assume is Anitta. The Titanic reference tossed in was pretty great, and the whole track is dope from start to finish.

Also, both of these are up for free download, so grab them and put them in rotation, there’s nothing stopping you.


FromThx L - Thx L Vol.1 EP

FromThx L reached out to me and put himself on my radar a little while back when he was putting out Who Am I?, which impressed me. Since then he’s come back with quality content with FWY and now with the Vol.1 EP. All 3 tracks have distinct flows and sounds, and feature different producers behind each beat ( RK, Black Mayo, TraxxHitmaker). The bars here are also tight, catchy, and reflective. Don’t sleep on this EP, and keep an eye on future work on Apple Music, Spotify, or Soundcloud.


Anfa Rose - Come Clean

I came across Anfa Rose back in December, with his track I'm Good, which is also a heater if you haven't heard it yet. Following up his last single In and Out and his last longer release She Been Waiting II is Come Clean. I would say clean beats and heartfelt bars characterize most of Anfa Rose's body of work, and this is no exception. 

Shoutout to Palétte music's Youtube channel for uploading this:


Harrison - Music To... Make Summer Love

Toronto producer Harrison just dropped a summer mix for i-D over the weekend for their "Music To..." series. Harrison's is entitled "Music To... Make Summer Love", and is aptly named for the music that is in the mix.  Packed with groovy, funky, summery music, this has everything from dreamy reworks of pop jams to funky nu disco and house tracks to hip hop and rap.  No download or tracklisting on this, so you'll have to use your ears, memory, or maybe Shazam to ID your personal gems from the mix. I know there are some Harrison originals along with some tracks from Jafunk, Geotherory and a Royce remix, but I won't ruin your track searching adventures.

Stream and enjoy the full mix below.

- KJ

JNTHN STEIN - Float ft. G.L.A.M.

JNTHN STEIN has recently teamed up with Oakland artist G.L.A.M. (Good Lyrics And Music) to put together Float. The lyricism in this has a strong current culture emphasis, as it seems to be a commentary on contemporary artist development and the internet culture. In terms of genre, the piece itself is tough to classify, but has definite elements of trap and hip hop as well as future beats. The vibe is an interesting mixture of chill and heavy, with a quite unexpected and really cool switch up at the end, moving the track into yet another genre descriptor with house elements coming in at the switch up.

Float was released through alaya. as a free download, so if this one is enjoyable to you, grab it through the shopping cart button in the player below.

- KJ

SoySauce - Thug Panda ft. Andy Milonakis (Lunch Money Project)

This is another free download coming courtesy of SoySauce.  You may remember us posting about his track Broken Record with Joni Fatora back in early February, and a little bit about his upcoming Lunch Money project. If the Lunch Box project doesn't sound familiar, let me introduce you. While Thug Panda is available as a free download, it will also available as a paid track though iTunes as part of the Lunch Money EP release in May.  If you purchase the track through iTunes as part of the Lunch Money EP, all proceeds from the sales will go toward setting up school lunch projects in some of the world's poorest communities. It's tough to concentrate fully at school on an empty stomach, and many kids who have this issue are also faced with other difficult issues that affect their ability to be successful in school.  If you decide to put up a couple bucks and purchase the EP through iTunes when it is released in May, you are helping to feed a child and enable them to succeed in school by lowering at least one of their barriers to learning.

Thug Panda starts out fairly chill and unsuspecting, then things start to heat up at about the 50 second mark.  As a Thug Panda is wont to do, this one will sneak up on you.  Least of all was I expecting the rap from Andy Milonakis that drops in at the 2:18 mark.  While the rap on this may not be your cup of tea, SoySauce has reassured a number of people already that the EP will include an instrumental of Thug Panda as a bonus track.  So feed children, AND get this instrumental by picking up the iTunes release in May.  It's a win-win here folks.

Stream the track below, and watch SoySauce's social media for the release of the Lunch Money EP coming sometime in May.

- KJ

Angelz - Useless ft. A.J. Crew

It's not often you come across a G-House track that samples classic Gorillaz that also features rap on top, but thats exactly what Useless from Angelz is.  Making use of the hook from Gorillaz' iconic track Clint Eastwood, Angelz builds a G House background around the sample, which holds on to some of the Gorillaz feel, but moves it into house genre territory.

If the rework of the Gorillaz wasn't enough for you, A.J. Crew is featured and lays down some serious lyrical content overtop of everything going on.

The result is Useless, check it out below and download for free.

- KJ

M1LES - Bars Over Bullshit (from The Jounts)

I came across M1LES on Soundcloud at just the right time - one of those happy accidents. He has been uploading new material this week as part of a free download album called "The Jounts" before he drops an upcoming mixtape.  Bars Over Bullshit is already the 5th track uploaded, so head back on over to his Soundcloud page and grab the others from the album, all for free.

The subject material on the album may not be for everyone, but there's no denying M1LES has a way with words, a unique delivery and smooth flow. If you enjoy this, watch for his upcoming mixtape, dropping sometime in the next month.

- KJ