Ekali & mossy. - Stay Hollow

Producers Ekali and mossy. team up to bring this brooding trap banger. The whole thing has a great mix of chill and evolving soundscapes, vocal chops, piano breakdowns. When the beat drops in, the whole thing has a slow jam groove to it that sells me on the whole thing. Check this out, and watch for mossy. dropping some new material soon.

Also, get this on your preferred platform through this link.


Dislexik - Bird Song

So this one was released a while ago already, but I just came across it relatively recently, and thought it really deserved a bit more promo.  Bird Song is a driving tech house track from local Saskatoon producer Dislexik, a veteran DJ and amazing producer in our local scene. A lot of the material I've heard of his leans more toward techno, and Birdsong captures much of his feel while also having a bit of a house vibe on it as well.  It's also been released through Prescribed as a free download, so jump on it and support your local artists!

- KJ

JAHKOY - Still In Love (INSTRUM Remix)

INSTRUM has brought some serious deep house summer heat to JAHKOY's Still In Love, remixing the original into a hybrid of R&B, Hip Hop and Deep House.

From the first heavy but warm chords coming through, you know you're in for something great. With the first buildup coming early and the melodic bassline dropping in all before the one minute mark, the remix evolves quickly, but not abruptly. The original lyrics from JAHKOY are still very prominent, but the overall vibe on this remix is ready for the summer beach party or club. Overall, it's a super warm and catchy dance edit that you need to get into your music collection.

INSTRUM has released this as a free download as well, with the download being a full 320kbps extended mix.  If you've gotten this far and still haven't downloaded it, I'm not quite sure what you're doing. Did we mention it's FREE? Get on this.

- KJ

Soulstruck - Messy Bed w/ MKSB

For your Mellow Monday evening, we have a little hip hop instrumental gem from Soulstruck and MKSB. It also describes the state of my bedroom 99% of the time. Messy Bed features some funky instrumentation on the keys and guitar, with a swingy, laid back broken beat bringing it all together.  Have a listen, and enjoy the rest of your Monday night.

- KJ

Avicii - Levels (Chris Stebbins Summer 2015 Remix)

You'll be forgiven for reading the title of this post and thinking "Oh god, not another rehash of this tired old track", because I have to admit, I have the same knee jerk reaction every time I hear Levels even mentioned in casual conversation. But if you had that thought, I hope you pressed play anyway like I did, as you'll be pleasantly surprised with this remix from Chris Stebbins.

Chris has taken the original to another place, with little left from the original aside from his use of the Etta James vocal sample from her 1962 single Something's Got A Hold On Me.  Aside from that sample, Chris has gone on to create a fresh new melody that really gave this track new legs for 2015 that I would never have expected. Do yourself a favour and have a listen, and grab the free download from his Facebook Page.

- KJ

Soulless Sun and Marc Able - Like Fire

Local Regina producers Soulless Sun and Marc Able recently collaborated on a new Melbourne Bounce track, and just released it Monday as a free download on each of their Soundcloud pages. Like Fire has all the elements you could want in a melbourne bounce track - big and gritty synth leads, vocal driven breakdowns and buildups, and energetic drums. If you're into melbourne bounce, make sure to support your local Saskatchewan talent and grab the free download here.

- KJ

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Chris Stebbins Remix)

Chris Stebbins dropped us a line letting us know he was dropping his remix of Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do as a free download last week.  You may recognize his name if you checked the Friday Care Package out on Friday, as we included his remix of Wiz Khalifa's See You Again.

The track eases into things with a gradual build that introduces some of Chris's melodic elements through the initial verse and into the first run through the chorus.  The percussion doesn't really drop until the one minute mark when the second verse hits. This remix has a slightly reigned in big room progressive house sound that gives a nod to mainstream dance while also staying away from being cliché.  Fans of the original Ellie Goulding track will also appreciate that Chris left the vocals intact and without pitching of any kind.

Make sure you check out this Ontario producer's Soundcloud page, and keep an eye on it as he mentioned he's got a few more tracks up his sleeve that are forthcoming. 

- KJ

falcxne - Tams

What's more relaxing than listening to a Canadian weather report with a smooth, funky and jazzy backing track? If you didn't have anything that fits this description before, it exists now, and it's pretty mellow.  Canadian producer falcxne got a bit experimental in sampling the news for his most recent free download Tams. Check this funky jam out, and hit the download button if you're feeling it.

And in case there was any doubt as to just how Canadian falcxne is, take into consideration that he put out two albums that are up as name-your-price on Bandcamp called Timbits and Timbits II. There are few things more Canadian than that!

- KJ

Fresh Drops Vol. 4 - Kris Jones Extended 2 Hour Mix

This month for Fresh Drops we ended up not having in a guest, but Kris dropped an extended 2 hour mix.  The vibes on this range from Nu Disco to Deep and Future House and some Garage influence for good measure.  A few of these are out as free downloads, a couple are forthcoming on some great labels, as well as some already released heat.  Make sure to check the tracklisting below. This is a summer vibe mix throughout, we hope you enjoy. 

And in case you haven't seen this feature before, we have a monthly show that we stream live on Underground Sound Canada's Mixlr channel.  We are just one week, but there are new mixes every Sunday night.


1. Shine (The Jane Doze Remix) - Years & Years

2. Karma, You Got Owned - Tep No

3. Found My Light (Pakem Remix) - She Said Disco

4. Don't Let Go (Vhyce Edit) - Tony Orlando

5. It's You ft. River (Purple Disco Machine Remix) - The Shapeshifters // Defected Records

6. Talk Talk (Moon Boots Remix) - George Maple // Future Classic

7. Premonition (Espada Remix) - Machine For Dreams // Dimentique

8. A Quiet Mind (La Rose Remix) - Furdak // Forthcoming on DeepWit Recordings

9. Dreamer - Beatsession, Glitchko

10. Prints of Whales ft. PB Kaya - TÂCHES 

11. Attracted - Kartell // Roche Musique

12. Holding On ft. Gregory Porter - Disclosure // Island Records

13. The Act (Extended Mix) - Camelphat // Spinnin' Deep

14. Tryna Shake It (Original Mix) - Motez // Sweat It Out

15. Come On (Original Mix) - Platform 19, Unknown Associates // Unknown Records

16. Arabella (Original Mix) - Camelphat // Great Stuff Recordings

17. Holding On (Original Mix) - Billon, Nu:Tone // Rinse

18. Deep Inside (Low Steppa Remix) - Hardrive //Strictly Rhythm

19. 7Days - Ste Haley

20. Mr. Sunshine (Original Mix) - Moji, Michael Mandal // Get Twisted Records

21. Future - Golf Clap // Country Club Disco

22. All I Want (Dosem Remix) - UMEK, Mike Vale // 1605

23. You Know It (Original Mix) - Defunct! // Audiophile XXL

24. Turn Me (Original Mix) - Howson's Groove // Fat! Records

25. Miles Away (Demarkus Lewis Remix) - Agent Libre // DeepWit Recordings

26. Be The Same (Original Mix) - Vhyce // Food Music


Harrison - Music To... Make Summer Love

Toronto producer Harrison just dropped a summer mix for i-D over the weekend for their "Music To..." series. Harrison's is entitled "Music To... Make Summer Love", and is aptly named for the music that is in the mix.  Packed with groovy, funky, summery music, this has everything from dreamy reworks of pop jams to funky nu disco and house tracks to hip hop and rap.  No download or tracklisting on this, so you'll have to use your ears, memory, or maybe Shazam to ID your personal gems from the mix. I know there are some Harrison originals along with some tracks from Jafunk, Geotherory and a Royce remix, but I won't ruin your track searching adventures.

Stream and enjoy the full mix below.

- KJ

Jack J - Thirstin' [Future Times]

Vancouver's Jack J has brought some serious summer disco vibes for his upcoming release on Future Times. Thirstin' features great piano in a number of forms throughout, with plenty of variance and fills to keep you on your toes. The simple vocal, though short, fits perfectly into the rest of the groove. The breakdown and build up that comes just past the three minute mark takes the track on a whole other tangent while still holding onto elements of the first half.  As if all of that wasn't enough, this track just doesn't give up - even at 6:25, the bass lick comes right back in for the fade out leaving you wanting that groove to just keep rolling on.

It looks like this will be out as a vinyl only release, so if you don't have a turntable at home, I would imagine you're no longer reading this since you ran out the door to buy one... The rest of you can pre-order here. I've already got my copy reserved.

Also, I have to give a shout to Harry Wolfman for sharing this on his Facebook page, or I don't know if I would have found it.

Plus the label logo has 3 dolphins having a great time. How can you not get behind a joyous dolphin threesome? That's what I thought.

- KJ

Tep No - Karma, You Got Owned

Tep No dropped this juicy free download a little while back, but we just came across it. Karma, You Got Owned emanates summer vibes, and honestly any 2015 summer playlist that is lacking this track is simply incomplete. The combination of really loungey, chilled back and house-y percussion and the classical guitar licks create a perfect backdrop to feature the smooth vocal stylings that are introduced later in the track.  If there was a recipe to be written for an infectious summer jam, Tep No wrote it with this one.

Head to Tep No's Soundcloud page for the free download, and check out some of their other material while you're there, as a lot of it is up for free downloads as well.

- KJ

Deadmau5 - Strobe (Shemce Remix)

If you haven't heard of Deadmau5 by 2015, I'm not quite sure where you've been living, but it must have been dark there... Going back to the epic 10 minute closing track to his 2009 album For Lack of a Better Name, fellow Canadian producer Shemce takes on the Deadmau5 original, and brings it into contemporary deep house style with his remix.

It's not initially obvious when you start the Shemce remix that it is a take on Strobe, but anyone who has heard the original a couple times will definitely recognize the key sequence that comes in at the 1:28 mark. There are definitely nods to the original, and even when things drops back in at 2:00, there is definitely some obvious progressive house influence that remains even through the remix. To make things even better, this remix is up as a free download.

Also, in case you hadn't heard, Deadmau5 also just uploaded 3 new tracks over the past weekend, which you can check out on his page here.

- KJ

Best of DeepWit Vol. 3 [DeepWit Recordings]

If you're looking for a sophisticated deep house compilation to add to your collection for the summer, look no further than Best Of DeepWit Vol. 3, the latest iteration of DeepWit Recordings' artist compilations. This one has a flavour for every style of deep house, whether you like things to be a bit more subtle and brooding, or if you like a little bit more punch (as I do). It's also super fresh, having just been released yesterday.

For me, the higher energy standouts on the compilation are Ivan Garci's No Lights (which if you like it, make sure to check his release in the Remixed By series from a little while back) and Enough (Nuff' Said Remix) by Tony S - those slightly muted high keys really get me. I also can't forget about the classic feel exhibited on Demarkus Lewis' remix of Miles Away, originally by Agent Libre, which is a new pseudonym for Montreal artist Reagan Grey.

On the more laid back side, I really enjoy the jazzy elements in E.M.M.E.'s The Needle On The Record, along with Angelo Mele's Good Morning Soul remixed by DeepWit label boss Alvaro Hylander.

As previously stated, if you're looking for a true deep house compilation for this summer, the Best Of DeepWit Vol. 3 is it.  Head over to Beatport to grab your copy, or save some money by buying directly from the label on Bandcamp.

- KJ

The Kount - Kount Edition 2

Toronto based producer The Kount has just uploaded Kount Edition 2, an EP of 4 edits. This is some really funky stuff on here, with an experimental blend of disco, hip hop, soul and electronica. My favourite from this EP would have to be The Kount's edit of FKJ's Lying Together with its laid back vibe and late onset synths. These elements paired with the percussion and tight vocal chops give it both a laid back and tight feel at the same time. But really, it's hard to find fault with any of the tracks on the EP - all 4 are thoroughly enjoyable.

The Kount has also gone through and made a bunch of his older work available as name your price/free, so browse through the albums on his Bandcamp page and pick up what sounds good to you!

- KJ

Fresh Drops Vol. 3 - Guest Mix: Danger Bay (Saskatchewan)

Here's the Soundcloud stream of the April edition of Fresh Drops on Underground Sound Canada. As usual, we have some summery nu disco, deep house, tech house and future house included. Some of this should sound familiar, as they are tracks I've posted, while some of it should be fresh!  

We were also joined this month by Danger Bay, head of Skylab Records and Skylab Events out of Saskatoon for this month's guest mix. Tune in at 57:40 for his house, tech house, and techno mix with a bit of future R&B/trap to end it off.


Danger Bay Mix (57:40 - 1:56:45):


1. Mr Ho, Florian Blauensteiner - BASF (Original Mix)

2. Loopdeville - Get U High (Original Mix) 

3. HiRO - Ruby Likes Dubstep (Kris Wadsworth Remix)

4. The Glitz - Snowmaker (Original Mix)    

5. Mihai Popoviciu - I Lead You (Original Mix)        

6. Figueroa, Obando - Deer Dance Posse (Proudly People)

7. Moritz Piske - Real One (Roberto Rodriguez Stamping The Ground Mix)

8. Adrian Hour - Ethno (Original Club Mix) 

9. Zoo Brazil - River (Original Mix)           

10. Daniel Dubb, m.O.N.R.O.E. - Body To Body (Original Mix)        

11. Sinisa Tamamovic - Red Light (Ron Costa Remix)

12. No Regular Play - Owe Me (Original Mix)        

13. KiNK - Fantasia (Original Mix)

14. Tiga, Audion - Fever (KiNK Remix)      

15. Shiba San - Westside Connection (Original Mix)

16. Lewis Boardman - Work On Me (Original Mix) 

17. vbnd - Time with u (Original Mix)        

18. vbnd - Animalistic (Original Mix)

Kris Jones Mix (0:00 - 57:30):


1. Pick You Up Darlin' - Young Franco, Set Mo

2. Thee Worst (Club Mix) - Thee Cool Cats, Lika Morgan // Enormous Tunes

3. Shooting Stars (POOLCLVB Cover) - Bag Raiders

4. Let Me Know (Mike Metro Remix) - Terace, KLP // Sweat It Out

5. Closer (Original Mix) - Felon // Ultra Music Free Download

6. I Am The Dub (Original Mix) - S. Jay // Criminal Hype

7. Decandence (Original Mix) - Sebastian Ledher, Lex Green // 1994 Music

8. Coupe De Ville (Extended Mix) - TCTS, Aniff Akinola // MTA Records

9. Wiggle (Original Mix) - Lizzie Curious // Sphera Records

10. Disco Feeling (Original Mix) - Savi Leon // Tactical Records

11. Talkin' Bout It ft. KLP - Young Franco

12. Full Moon - Durante

13. The Promise (Walker & Royce Remix) - The Golden Boy // Eton Messy Records






- KJ

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You (Mike Williams Future Remix)

So I've been having an internal battle ever since I found this track as to whether or not I should post it on freshdrops, since its such a guilty guilty pleasure. In the end, I decided there's no way I can withhold this sugary frosted future house goodness from all of you and just keep it for my own private pleasure, and so here is the post.

Carly Rae Jepsen is a name that should be fairly recognizable, as she is likely responsible for at least one song that you've had stuck in your head... Which again, I had a very Todd Edwards-y dub remix that I had the guilty and cheeky pleasure of throwing into a few sets here and there. Well she's back with an equally persistent earworm, made all the more enjoyable by Netherlands based Mike Williams putting a future house spin on it. And it's available through TropiKult as a free download.  If you enjoy hitting repeat an ungodly amount of times, listen and download below.  If you're not into mashing repeat, you may want to pass on this one.  Seriously, don't even listen.  Hey, at least I warned you.

- KJ

Friends of Foes - Chronophobic

So this is a little different direction than many of our posts here on freshdrops, but we like to not get caught in a rut, and we always post music that we like. We also love featuring Canadian artists, especially if they're from our home province of Saskatchewan. Friends of Foes fits all of these descriptions, and this LP is a great bit of indie rock from the four-piece out of Saskatoon. Plus, Tony helped us out just by being a great dude when we were throwing shows in the Lydia's loft back in the day - the least we could do is show some support back!

If you're a fan of indie rock or folk, definitely check this out - you won't be disappointed. The entire album is really polished and catchy as hell!  Don't just take my word for it though, stream the whole album below, and pick up the digital download or CD for your collection for $12 or $15 respectively from their Bandcamp store. Chronophobic was actually released at the end of 2013, so this is some of their older work - but the band just recently rediscovered their Soundcloud account and uploaded it there.  If you're looking for a more recent offering from Friends of Foes, check out their single Winter, which was released back in October of 2014, and can be picked up on their Bandcamp Store for a single shiny loonie.  Keep an eye out for more coming from them though, word has it there's a new album in the works for early 2016...

Lastly, but probably most importantly, Friends of Foes are currently in the regional semi-finals for the CBC Searchlight competition. If you're a fan of their sound, make sure you head to their artist page for the competition and throw them a vote - there's no registration required, and you can vote once a day, so get on it!

- KJ

Ben Howard - The Fear (Elkoe Remix)

Indie Folk House? Can we coin that now? Has it been done already? If not, it's been done now - a really cool remix of Ben Howard's The Fear was just put up by a producer out of Calgary - Elkoe.

The majority of the original lyrics and instrumentation are left virtually untouched - so if you know the original, this will sound very familiar. Elkoe has essentially woven a house soundscape tightly into the open spaces left in the original recording.  If you are a fan of folk music or house music alike, this will have something for you.  Best of all, this was published as a free download, so jump on it.  You can download straight from the embedded player below.

- KJ