This Ain't Bristol - Amsterdam Selections

One of the first blog posts on freshdrops was the original TAB Selections back in 2015. Now they’re back with another massive compilation of driving tech-house in preparation/commemoration of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) coming up at the end of October. 14 tracks from artists like This Ain’t Bristol regulars like Maximono and Nick Olivetti, along with some new faces. The sound throughout is signature TAB though - grimy, deep, dark and pounding tech-house.

My two standout picks from this compilation are definitely BYOR - Call Me Up, and MKJAY & Lowdown’s Afterhours.

The official release isn’t until October 12th, but check out the sampling of the entire compilation below.


Watermät & Moguai - Portland (Oliver Adam Remix)

I came across this remix today on my Soundcloud stream, and really liked the spin that Oliver Adam put on this Watermät and Moguai track. This is (in my opinion) a huge improvement from the original track, which I have to be honest, I probably would not have given a second listen. Oliver Adam has worked some magic here on this remix though. It's a bit tropical, but also has a really deep feel to it, with a touch of a future vibe as well. He also makes ample use of the vocal throughout this remix, making up for how little it is used in the original.

Oliver Adam created this track as an entry into the Spinnin' Records remix competition, so if you want to see it released, or if you just like the track, vote for it here.  Make sure you also check out his Soundcloud page for more of his work.

- KJ

Oliver Heldens - Shades of Grey (Unfranchised Remix)

Unfranchised is a group of guys from Burnley in the UK producing some pretty cool nu/deep/tech house. We featured their Kiesza remix back in the July 10th Friday Care Package, and have been watching their page for more music since. Last weekend they uploaded this remix of Oliver Heldens' Shades of Grey that puts a really nice touch on the original.  Where the original features a bit of a mix of broken beat/garage/house sounds and percussion, the Unfranchised remix sets the track solidly in the realm of familiar four-on-the-floor house music. Unfranchised also positions their bassline slightly into the background than the original, focusing much more on the classic piano to drive the track.  The result is a refreshing take on the original that is blowing up right now with over 2M plays on OIiver Helden's Soundcloud page alone. Don't miss this one, and make sure to follow Unfranchised on Soundcloud to keep up on their new material.

- KJ

Sunset Groove & Jayko - Summertime ft. Sav (Jamie Prado Remix)

"Summertime, and the living is easy..."

We're not sure how we missed this one from Jamie Prado, but it went up about a month ago.  We still had to get on it, as this is really a great piece of work. Also very fitting for the Friday of a long weekend here in (most of) Canada.

Jamie Prado's remix of Sunset Groove & Jayko's Summertime (also a free download) keeps some of the vocal chops from Sav, but remixes the track with a bit more low end groove. This is some really nice future deep house, that's a little more on the deep than the future side of things (which I really like).

This one is up as a free download, so there's no reason to not be bumping this one in your next set, on your next road trip, or your next beach day.  Get on it!

- KJ

Years & Years - King (Røse Summer Edit)

Røse recently dropped a clubby remix of Years & Years' King. Røse's reimagining of the track strips back much of the production from the radio edit, and puts a large focus on the piano and strict melodic elements of the track while incorporating a driving house beat. The remix here has a really nice mix of driving sections as well as more mellow breakdowns where it is mostly keys and vocals. Overall, Røse has done a great job at keeping much of the feel from the original and keeping the recognition factor by retaining the vocals, while giving this a house vibe - not quite straight up house, but not future house either.  The title "Summer Edit" is very fitting though.

So far I'm unsure if this is getting a release or a download link, but keep an eye out for this one. This post will be updated if we can track down a link to anything. For now though, enjoy the stream!

- KJ

Sigala - Easy Love (Re-Edit)

"ABC is easy, it's like counting up to three, sing a simple melody, that's how easy love can be."

If these lyrics don't mean anything to you, there is a legitimate case to be made for you being born yesterday. For the rest of us more than two days old, it's obvious that Sigala is channeling the King of Pop's early days through sampling.

Easy Love has got to be one of the freshest and catchiest house tracks that I've heard using this sample, and I'm always a sucker for a well used Michael Jackson sample. Sigala has used a bit of looping, a bit of vocal slicing, and a lot of production talent to weave everything together in to a driving deep future piano house track with just enough vocal to make this one that you'll have trouble deciding if you want to dance or sing to more.... So just get on board and go with both.

It looks like this is set to be released on iTunes soon, but I haven't found a date yet. This link was provided to pre-order, but so far it only takes me to Sigala's discography on iTunes. In any case, keep a look out for the release of this one soon.

- KJ

Chante Moore - Straight Up (3MBR Remix)

Another pop-dance track coming at you refreshed today, courtesy of 3MBR. If you check the original video from Chante Moore's Straight Up, it oozes that early 2000's dance feel. 3MBR's remix brings things into a more contemporary area, fitting into the deep/future house genre. Retaining the confident single lady lyrical content, the remix holds onto a throwback vibe while keeping it fresh with the heavy bassline drop.

3MBR has this up as a free download, so why not grab it for yourself? It's available from Hypeddit here.

- KJ

Felon - Isla ft. Kaleem Taylor

Felon has just dropped a new vocal version of their debut release, Isla. This time around, it features the vocal stylings of one of the UK's hot vocal talents right now, Kaleem Taylor. You may recognize his voice from Tchami's Promesses, Just Kiddin's Getaway, Snakehips' Forever (Pt. II), or Memeb's Thousand Words. If those collaborations alone aren't enough to get you pumped over pretty much anything Kaleem Taylor has or will be a part of, I don't know what further evidence of his talent would convince you.

This re-released vocal version puts a fresh face on what was already a fresh production from Felon that has aged well over the last year. The uplifting melodies paired with what has become the recognizable bassline synth tones of the contemporary future/deep/house genres and that soulful sax, Isla was a production that was ahead of the curve a year ago, and consequently still sounds super fresh.

Both the original version of Isla and the vocal version featuring Kaleem Taylor are now available on Ultra Records, so check them and show your support. I was also going to link to the original release from Fat! Records that had a saxless version, but you may just have to go digging for that yourself if you so desire. While we're on throwbacks for Isla, make sure you also check out the Tender Games remix (it's a free download) for yet another different spin on this track.

I could go on all day about the talents of the Felon guys, but I believe I've already said more than enough -  seriously though, check and follow their Soundcloud. And dammit, somebody get on and sign Swimwear already - I want it!

- KJ

Kendrick Lamar - i (Carneyval & INSTRUM Remix)

INSTRUM and Carneyval went full on future house summer vibes on this remix of Kendrick Lamar's i. You may also have realized that this remix doesn't actually sample the original version of i, but rather uses the acoustic cover done by Jackson Breit (up as a free download). If you're familiar with either the original or the cover, you'll likely be surprised by the direction that INSTRUM and Carneyval took their remix. They left in a healthy amount of the classical guitar, the cover vocals are pitched down and sped up, there are definite future house synth stabs, and all in all, it's just a great mix of sounds brought together in one remix.  It's up as a free download through TropiKult, and the download is an extended full 320kbps version.  It doesn't get much better than that, so get on that download.

- KJ

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne - Real Love (BÅUT Bootleg)

This remix was uploaded on Soundcloud by BÅUT a while back, but I was waiting to see if it would get set to a free download before I posted it here, and it did!  I've already tossed this into a couple of my sets, as it's a seriously great bootleg. The Soundcloud play stats are seriously way too low considering the quality of it, but that's why I love digging for music - you come across absolute gems that are still secret weapons.

BÅUT keeps a majority of the vocals from Jess Glynne from the original, and it sounds very similar to the pop version right up to the first buildup, but when the drop comes in at the 1:30 mark, you know this is something a bit different. Working on the style that is evident in the other bootlegs posted on BÅUT's Soundcloud, this bootleg oozes deep bass in line with the deep/future/tech house niche. If you want a bootleg that goes hard but still is recognizable to everyone in the club, grab this one now - it's now your secret weapon too.

- KJ

Ren Phillips - Infatuation

It's likely no surprise that we've been liking Ren Phillips' productions for a while, as we posted about his Michael Jackson remix a while back, as well as including tracks in both previous mixes and Friday Care Packages.

Ren was teasing a new release all of last week on his Facebook page that was going to be published on Monday, so we were already primed and ready to hear it, and unsurprisingly it did not disappoint. Reworking and vocal pitching Sisqo's "Got To Get It", this is a catchy future deep house and garage concoction that goes down nicely. The bassline on here really compliments both the percussion elements along with the chopped vocals, giving the track a great flow throughout.

Infatuation is out as a free download hosted by the crew over at Pack London, and they have a number of other great free downloads available through their Soundcloud page, so make sure to check them out.

- KJ

Fresh Drops Vol. 4 - Kris Jones Extended 2 Hour Mix

This month for Fresh Drops we ended up not having in a guest, but Kris dropped an extended 2 hour mix.  The vibes on this range from Nu Disco to Deep and Future House and some Garage influence for good measure.  A few of these are out as free downloads, a couple are forthcoming on some great labels, as well as some already released heat.  Make sure to check the tracklisting below. This is a summer vibe mix throughout, we hope you enjoy. 

And in case you haven't seen this feature before, we have a monthly show that we stream live on Underground Sound Canada's Mixlr channel.  We are just one week, but there are new mixes every Sunday night.


1. Shine (The Jane Doze Remix) - Years & Years

2. Karma, You Got Owned - Tep No

3. Found My Light (Pakem Remix) - She Said Disco

4. Don't Let Go (Vhyce Edit) - Tony Orlando

5. It's You ft. River (Purple Disco Machine Remix) - The Shapeshifters // Defected Records

6. Talk Talk (Moon Boots Remix) - George Maple // Future Classic

7. Premonition (Espada Remix) - Machine For Dreams // Dimentique

8. A Quiet Mind (La Rose Remix) - Furdak // Forthcoming on DeepWit Recordings

9. Dreamer - Beatsession, Glitchko

10. Prints of Whales ft. PB Kaya - TÂCHES 

11. Attracted - Kartell // Roche Musique

12. Holding On ft. Gregory Porter - Disclosure // Island Records

13. The Act (Extended Mix) - Camelphat // Spinnin' Deep

14. Tryna Shake It (Original Mix) - Motez // Sweat It Out

15. Come On (Original Mix) - Platform 19, Unknown Associates // Unknown Records

16. Arabella (Original Mix) - Camelphat // Great Stuff Recordings

17. Holding On (Original Mix) - Billon, Nu:Tone // Rinse

18. Deep Inside (Low Steppa Remix) - Hardrive //Strictly Rhythm

19. 7Days - Ste Haley

20. Mr. Sunshine (Original Mix) - Moji, Michael Mandal // Get Twisted Records

21. Future - Golf Clap // Country Club Disco

22. All I Want (Dosem Remix) - UMEK, Mike Vale // 1605

23. You Know It (Original Mix) - Defunct! // Audiophile XXL

24. Turn Me (Original Mix) - Howson's Groove // Fat! Records

25. Miles Away (Demarkus Lewis Remix) - Agent Libre // DeepWit Recordings

26. Be The Same (Original Mix) - Vhyce // Food Music


Room 2 - Sexy Sumo

I recently came across an artist out of Austin, Texas who is working hard on keeping the old school house vibe alive here in North America - Room 2. The contemporary take on old school house is evident in some of his past work such as Undertones, That One Time, and Stella. Obviously not one to simply regurgitate old ideas, Room 2 has made use of the classic and recognizable sounds from old school house, garage and deep house and worked them into high energy contemporary house pieces that pay tribute back to the older vibes.  If you haven't checked his Soundcloud page for his back catalogue, I highly recommend you check it out.

I came across Sexy Sumo in my stream while working on something else, and did a double take.  This is fresh stuff - future house production that still maintains some of that old school flavour. There's also that oh so recognizable "whoop" included as well for good measure. My other feel good moment in this one comes in at 3:05, with a filter back in. Just short enough to not lose the vibe, but just enough variation to get your neck hair standing.  Sexy Sumo by Room 2 has energy bursting from the seams, make sure you stream it while you can, as I've been informed it may not stay up for long, hopefully making its way to release soon. I can only hope, as I'd love to spin this one.

- KJ

Terace - Let Me Know

"Let me know how you like it baby". Terace brings their newest track to Soundcloud, after having gone through the wringer that is Soundcloud's copyright detection system and receiving notice that they may be infringing on their own copyright. The issues with the upload appear to now be sorted, and are we glad that's the case! With KLP laying down the smooth vocals overtop of Terace's nu house style, this track goes down nice and easy.  The only complaint?  It's only three and a half minutes long!  Hoping to have an extended mix at some point in the future, but until that point, this will do nicely.

Terace brings their own flavour of future house to the game, with great piano parts matched well with that low end future bassline.  Dan's recent injury that has kept him in a wheelchair this past while obviously hasn't slowed up the duo's productions, as is clearly on display in their latest offering.

This single isn't quite out yet, but from Terace's Facebook page, the single package looks like it will have remixes from the likes of Taiki Nulight, Kyle Watson, ODD MOB, Mike Metro and Polographia - so watch for the full package to drop.  With the quality of the original and the calibre of remixing producers, this is likely going to be an action packed release. Until then though, stream the original mix below.

- KJ

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You (Mike Williams Future Remix)

So I've been having an internal battle ever since I found this track as to whether or not I should post it on freshdrops, since its such a guilty guilty pleasure. In the end, I decided there's no way I can withhold this sugary frosted future house goodness from all of you and just keep it for my own private pleasure, and so here is the post.

Carly Rae Jepsen is a name that should be fairly recognizable, as she is likely responsible for at least one song that you've had stuck in your head... Which again, I had a very Todd Edwards-y dub remix that I had the guilty and cheeky pleasure of throwing into a few sets here and there. Well she's back with an equally persistent earworm, made all the more enjoyable by Netherlands based Mike Williams putting a future house spin on it. And it's available through TropiKult as a free download.  If you enjoy hitting repeat an ungodly amount of times, listen and download below.  If you're not into mashing repeat, you may want to pass on this one.  Seriously, don't even listen.  Hey, at least I warned you.

- KJ

Angelz - Useless ft. A.J. Crew

It's not often you come across a G-House track that samples classic Gorillaz that also features rap on top, but thats exactly what Useless from Angelz is.  Making use of the hook from Gorillaz' iconic track Clint Eastwood, Angelz builds a G House background around the sample, which holds on to some of the Gorillaz feel, but moves it into house genre territory.

If the rework of the Gorillaz wasn't enough for you, A.J. Crew is featured and lays down some serious lyrical content overtop of everything going on.

The result is Useless, check it out below and download for free.

- KJ