Loote - High Without Your Love (NAKID Remix)

Fresh New York duo Loote has come out with what I can only imagine will be a 2017 summer anthem. The original is fairly stripped back and reminds me very much of the Chainsmokers hit that seems to keep holding popularity, Closer. If the radio can get over the mild references to drug use, High Without Your Love is bound to follow in the same footsteps. At the same time, this is a call to love as opposed to a drug fuelled anthem, and the musical production follows in the same feel good path laid out by the lyrics.

The remix we're supporting comes from Swedish producer NAKID that turns up the energy slightly with additional percussion while still keeping the emotional feel of the original. The result is a danceable romantic ode to a significant other.  Give it a listen and make sure to add it to your Spotify summer playlists.


RÜFÜS - You Were Right

Australian group Rüfüs has come through with a really nice mix of deep house and pop lyrical content in the form of You Were Right, a great mellow crossover track.

The deep house sounds are made all the more melancholic through the lyrical content along with those ethereal high pitched stabs of whatever they are... If you streamed the track already, you know exactly the sound I'm talking about. If you haven't, you will.

If you're feeling You Were right, hit the shopping cart icon in the plater below to head to the iTunes music store and grab it for you collection.

- KJ

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Rumor Has It Club Edit)

Rumor Has It brought a club ready crossover edit to Soundcloud early last week. His edit of The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face stays very true to the original, keeping the majority of the instrumentation and vocals along with a continuation of the original feel of the track. The whole thing is sped up to typical house bpm, and the percussion is built around this, along with some nice breakdowns and buildups. Sometimes you don't have to reinvent the wheel to make a banging edit for the club, and that is exactly what is on display in this one. It's also available as a free download, so hit that shopping cart and take advantage.

Make sure you check out Rumor Has It's Soundcloud page if you're into interesting club edits of some recognizable pop tracks, there are a number on offer.

- KJ

Aquilo - Better Off Without You

Aquilo dropped Better Off Without You on their Soundcloud a couple months back in advance of the release of their EP. It was originally available as an instant download when you pre-ordered the EP, but the full release is already out, so you can pick and choose from iTunes or grab the whole EP at once.

Better Off Without You is a great piece of laid back and smooth vocal work with electronic production and a slight pop feel, perfect for a mellow Monday evening. The lyrical content is also quite powerful and masterfully woven - a tale of two people who are on their game, but just not working well together. The realization comes that it's just not a match, but it's still a bittersweet and melancholic situation though also for the best. Aquilo's work on this is in a similar niche to other tracks we've featured from Patrick Baker and Mar.

Better Off Without You  was released at the start of June by B3SCI Records as part of the Calling Me EP, now available on iTunes for just under 3 bucks.

- KJ

rgry - good2u

rgry has been putting out hot music pretty consistently through Soundcloud, a lot of it on that future, chill trap, hip hop vibe.  We just saw good2u pop up in our stream recently as it was reposted by audiopium, and it's quality material. This is one for those of you who want some passionate lyrics along with your beats.  This goes back to Teddy Riley and Tammy Lucas' Is It Good To You, though I am not quite sure whether the vocal used in this is sampled and pitched or covered with a new vocalist. Either way, it's fresh again.

There was no link from the new post on audiopium, but we dug up the original upload from rgry which is still up for free download, so grab it from the player below. If you haven't checked rgry's Soundcloud page, make sure you check it, as there is a lot more cool stuff there, some as free downloads.

- KJ

Harrison - Music To... Make Summer Love

Toronto producer Harrison just dropped a summer mix for i-D over the weekend for their "Music To..." series. Harrison's is entitled "Music To... Make Summer Love", and is aptly named for the music that is in the mix.  Packed with groovy, funky, summery music, this has everything from dreamy reworks of pop jams to funky nu disco and house tracks to hip hop and rap.  No download or tracklisting on this, so you'll have to use your ears, memory, or maybe Shazam to ID your personal gems from the mix. I know there are some Harrison originals along with some tracks from Jafunk, Geotherory and a Royce remix, but I won't ruin your track searching adventures.

Stream and enjoy the full mix below.

- KJ

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You (Mike Williams Future Remix)

So I've been having an internal battle ever since I found this track as to whether or not I should post it on freshdrops, since its such a guilty guilty pleasure. In the end, I decided there's no way I can withhold this sugary frosted future house goodness from all of you and just keep it for my own private pleasure, and so here is the post.

Carly Rae Jepsen is a name that should be fairly recognizable, as she is likely responsible for at least one song that you've had stuck in your head... Which again, I had a very Todd Edwards-y dub remix that I had the guilty and cheeky pleasure of throwing into a few sets here and there. Well she's back with an equally persistent earworm, made all the more enjoyable by Netherlands based Mike Williams putting a future house spin on it. And it's available through TropiKult as a free download.  If you enjoy hitting repeat an ungodly amount of times, listen and download below.  If you're not into mashing repeat, you may want to pass on this one.  Seriously, don't even listen.  Hey, at least I warned you.

- KJ

Tinashe - All Hands On Deck (Giraffage Remix)

Giraffage comes in hard with this fresh remix of Tinashe!  Premiered on yesterday (April 8th) by the blog Gorilla Vs. Bear, this is fresh.

The intro to this remix seems pretty standard, but the remix really drops in at 0:53 and goes hard. This is a really different style, I'm not sure how to best describe it.  It's kind of laid back deep/tropical house mixed with indie dance, and a contemporary take on Popcorn along with the samples from the original track. It is pretty different, but is overall a really enjoyable remix - likely my favourite remix of this track I've heard to date.

Stream in the player below.  I'm not too sure on any release for this, but keep your ear to the ground for that.

- KJ

Digital Farm Animals - True

Digital Farm Animals recently published True on their Soundcloud, and it's a catchy piece of piano driven vocal pop house. The vocals are a tribute to chilled out, accepting partners and their dedication. Definitely a sappy pop track, but that needn't take away from anyone's pure enjoyment of the catchy energy on it. As always, I'm a big sucker for strong, piano driven house music, and True very much fits the bill. Have a listen below and stay tuned for the release.

- KJ

Maejor - Me And You

Maejor comes with the complete package on Me And You, an emotional R&B vocal layered overtop of a chilled out house beat produced by Nico Stadi. This is one track that is undeniably catchy and poppy, but I just can't get enough. Then, just when you think you know the track, they switch up the style, transitioning in just under the three minute mark to finish off the track with something new. All in all, this is just a purely enjoyable, catchy single.  Have a listen in the player below, and grab it on iTunes here.

- KJ

Just Kiddin - The Getaway Mixtape

We've been rocking this mix here and there for some time now, as Just Kiddin published it to their Soundcloud not quite a month ago.  We thought it would be a good time to post it though, as it is a promo mix for the new EP that Just Kiddin is releasing for free through Bit Torrent today (March 2nd). The two tracks that Just Kiddin are releasing are Getaway and Always There, which appear in the mix at 12:50 and 27:50 respectively.Grab the two track EP (the pack includes the mix, and both mp3 and wav files) right here. All you have to do is submit your email address and download the bundle torrent file.  You will need a torrent client to finish the download.

This is a great summery mix that follows a nice energy progression throughout, with each track building on the last, and with a nice mix of fresh faces and established artists featured. If there was a mix to get you through the Monday blahs, the midweek slump, or the last bits of winter, it's definitely this one.  The mix is up for free download as well, so you can take it wherever you like by hitting the shopping cart button on the player below.

- KJ

Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Jump Ship Bootleg)

This Thursday I'm all about the pop influence on freshdrops I guess. Hard not to be though, with tracks like this showing up! Once again, a free download, this one courtesy of Jump Ship.

The original is a great funk pop track, and Jump Ship's take on it is a great house bootleg. There is just enough of the main vocal left in to make it obviously recognizable, but definitely a departure from the original. The bootleg keeps the funkiness of the original track, while also integrating a kind of deep/future house hybrid sound to give this a unique feel.

Make sure to check the bootleg out below, and if you want a copy, just send a message to the guys themselves and they will get you a copy!  So far it looks like they haven't uploaded it for general download yet, but they also have a number of other free bootlegs and originals through their Facebook page if you're feeling their style.

- KJ

SoySauce - Broken Record (ft. Joni Fatora) (Louis The Child Remix)

What style would this be classified as? Electro Pop? Future Beats? Chilled Bass Music? Whatever style you try to pigeonhole this one into, it's hard to deny the fact that it's super enjoyable on so many levels.

The intro threw me off a bit I have to say, it sounds kind of like a lo-fi digitally distorted synth, and I was already wondering where this was going to go. Enter Joni Fatora on vocals at 0:32, and the track went from what I thought was going to be just a happy, different sounding instrumental, into full blown sugar pop territory - and I say that in all the best ways. If this one had me hooked when the vocal dropped, I was long gone when the drop came, still under a minute into the track.

Check out Louis The Child's Soundcloud, and hit the shopping cart in the player below to get to the free downloads page, where there are a bunch more remixes for free as well.

If you want to hear the original from Soy Sauce, I also have to give it a full plug, if only for the awesome way that they released it.  Broken Record is available both as a free download, and as a paid track through iTunes. However, if you purchase it through iTunes with Soy Sauce's Lunch Money EP, all proceeds from the EP are going toward setting up school lunch projects in some of the world's poorest communities through the project Everybody Eats. It's hard to concentrate fully at school on an empty stomach, and many kids who have this issue are also faced with other difficult issues that affect their ability to be successful in school. If you decide to purchase through iTunes, you are helping to feed a child and enable them to succeed in school by lowering at least one of their barriers. Check out the original below and watch for the iTunes release sometime in February to help out with the cause.

- KJ

Japanese Wallpaper - Shake It Off/Between Friends

"I stay out too late" it's true, but this time it was lucky that I did. I am pretty much speechless at this one - stumbled across this late night as I was writing and browsing music, and blew my mind. Japanese Wallpaper comes in with a supreme and unique remix of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, and posted it under an alter-ego on Soundcloud, ?trap-anese?wallpaper?. This is likely not a vibe you've heard Taylor sing over, but it works magically. I really am lost for words at this one, but check it out and let me know what you think in the comments!

To loosely quote Taylor, you're going to love getting down to this sick beat.

- KJ