Haiko - Villain Anthem

It's not often I go back to dubstep these days, but once in a while a track comes up that I can't help but support.  Haiko's Villain Anthem is one of those tracks.  It brings me back to when I was listening to dubstep much more regularly, which is probably because Villain Anthem sounds like the 16Bit discography (RIP) and Lost - Escape from the Womb had an illegitimate love-child that is giving a PSA on a state of emergency. This is not music for the faint of heart, but if you're into some heavy bass music with horror style vocal drops, get on it. Also up as a free download, so grab it for your music collection for nothing at all. 


Taiki Nulight - Ill Bred

Something a litte heavier for you today, Taiki Nulight dropped a free download on Soundcloud as a thank you for hitting 20k likes on his Facebook page. If you've heard any Taiki Nulight before, you know to expect some pretty heavy bass, and Ill Bred definitely provides in that department. 

The lead up into this really only hints at the heaviness that's coming until it drops in fully at the one minute mark.  From then on, Ill Bred doesn't really let up the whole way through.  While not particular melodic at any point in the track, it makes up for it in raw bass and percussive energy. This is not for the faint hearted, and may possibly be a bit heavy for those who are solely into, say, the tropical house scene at the moment - but put this on a proper sound system, and you'll find out who can hang with the bass and who can't.

Ill Bred clocks in at 126 BPM, and as such should fit in nicely with most house sets, but while at that bpm, the track feels much slower with its stripped back and sustained heavy bassline. Perfect if you want to take a set in a bit of a different direction, or want to switch up the feel in am already bass heavy set - this one will definitely do the trick.

- KJ