Harrison Brome - 9 to 5

To be fair, I have to give it to Spotify's discover feature, it manages to dig up cool stuff that I've missed on a pretty consistent basis. This beauty from Harrison Brome is one such suggested track. 9 to 5 starts with a really mellow lead up with amazing vocal chops on display, and even without any drums, the vocals give you a feel good vibe. Then the beat drops in to spice up the groove.

Really nice chill afternoon summer jam, stream below!


Coldplay - Magic (MNEK Cover)

We're doing a bit of a throwback again today for Mellow Monday. MNEK uploaded this cover of Coldplay's Magic about a year ago, and it is magnificent. A really stripped back version, this is just MNEK's vocals and the accompanying piano. This version was recorded live for VEVO at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton last summer. Have a listen, and enjoy the live video at Youtube here.

- KJ

JAHKOY - Still In Love (INSTRUM Remix)

INSTRUM has brought some serious deep house summer heat to JAHKOY's Still In Love, remixing the original into a hybrid of R&B, Hip Hop and Deep House.

From the first heavy but warm chords coming through, you know you're in for something great. With the first buildup coming early and the melodic bassline dropping in all before the one minute mark, the remix evolves quickly, but not abruptly. The original lyrics from JAHKOY are still very prominent, but the overall vibe on this remix is ready for the summer beach party or club. Overall, it's a super warm and catchy dance edit that you need to get into your music collection.

INSTRUM has released this as a free download as well, with the download being a full 320kbps extended mix.  If you've gotten this far and still haven't downloaded it, I'm not quite sure what you're doing. Did we mention it's FREE? Get on this.

- KJ

John Bull & The Bandits - Going Under Cover (Flaurése Leis Remix) [Eton Messy Records Free Download]

Eton Messy is back, and presenting just another example of the great sound coming out of London, and another case of finding budding producers making quality tunes. According to their description, "Flaurése Leis has been quietly preparing several remixes along with plans for a debut EP", so keep an eye on this up-and coming producer for more work down the line.

With his remix of John Bull & The Bandits' Going Under Cover, Flaurése Leis brings a smooth and summery house feel to the indie rock original. Much of the main vocals remain, though there has also been a bit of creative vocal slicing and looping. The end result is a really nice laid back vocal house track for any of your summer activities, and on offer as a free download.

This is the 20th release in Eton Messy's Free Download series, so if you are just getting on board, make sure to check out the playlist linked for a ton of great free music.  While you're over at Soundcloud, make sure to follow Flaurése Leis as well, as there is more music coming from him likely in short order.

- KJ

WDSTCK - So Free (Millesim Remix)

Millesim have come up with a really laid back and summery remix of WDSTCK's So Free.  While the original has a bit of a tropical feel, it has a much quicker pace and heavier drums. Where Millesim really shines is their stripped back and lounge style indie tropical vibe that allows a lot more expression in the melodic elements of the track. Even the vocals seem more expressive and free in this, a bit of a fitting description for its title. We hope you enjoy this remix wherever you happen to be spending your mellow Monday.

The Millesim remix was released back in mid-june as part of the remix package for So Free, with 4 other remixes. It is available from iTunes here.

- KJ

Felon - Isla ft. Kaleem Taylor

Felon has just dropped a new vocal version of their debut release, Isla. This time around, it features the vocal stylings of one of the UK's hot vocal talents right now, Kaleem Taylor. You may recognize his voice from Tchami's Promesses, Just Kiddin's Getaway, Snakehips' Forever (Pt. II), or Memeb's Thousand Words. If those collaborations alone aren't enough to get you pumped over pretty much anything Kaleem Taylor has or will be a part of, I don't know what further evidence of his talent would convince you.

This re-released vocal version puts a fresh face on what was already a fresh production from Felon that has aged well over the last year. The uplifting melodies paired with what has become the recognizable bassline synth tones of the contemporary future/deep/house genres and that soulful sax, Isla was a production that was ahead of the curve a year ago, and consequently still sounds super fresh.

Both the original version of Isla and the vocal version featuring Kaleem Taylor are now available on Ultra Records, so check them and show your support. I was also going to link to the original release from Fat! Records that had a saxless version, but you may just have to go digging for that yourself if you so desire. While we're on throwbacks for Isla, make sure you also check out the Tender Games remix (it's a free download) for yet another different spin on this track.

I could go on all day about the talents of the Felon guys, but I believe I've already said more than enough -  seriously though, check and follow their Soundcloud. And dammit, somebody get on and sign Swimwear already - I want it!

- KJ

Aquilo - Better Off Without You

Aquilo dropped Better Off Without You on their Soundcloud a couple months back in advance of the release of their EP. It was originally available as an instant download when you pre-ordered the EP, but the full release is already out, so you can pick and choose from iTunes or grab the whole EP at once.

Better Off Without You is a great piece of laid back and smooth vocal work with electronic production and a slight pop feel, perfect for a mellow Monday evening. The lyrical content is also quite powerful and masterfully woven - a tale of two people who are on their game, but just not working well together. The realization comes that it's just not a match, but it's still a bittersweet and melancholic situation though also for the best. Aquilo's work on this is in a similar niche to other tracks we've featured from Patrick Baker and Mar.

Better Off Without You  was released at the start of June by B3SCI Records as part of the Calling Me EP, now available on iTunes for just under 3 bucks.

- KJ

Frances - Grow [Capitol Records]

We've got something special here today, an amazing piece of vocal and piano work from Frances. Honestly, there's nothing better than to hear from the artist themselves what a song means to them, and in Frances' own words from her website: "The song is really special to me. It's about loving someone and wanting to keep them close, but deep down you know you need to let them go and experience new things. You tell them that you'll wait for them, as long as they need, and will be there at the end to hear every story." The lyrics are also included at that link if you're interested. Really, there's nothing more to say other than you really need to listen to this - it's a beautiful piece.

Grow is available as part of Frances' upcoming EP of the same name.  You can pre-order the EP and get the title track right away, though it looks like the EP is currently only in the GB iTunes store.  Keep an eye out for an international release or track down a way to get your hands on it if you love it (and how couldn't you?). Keep watching Frances' pages (Soundcloud, Facebook) and her website for more.

What, you thought we were all just dance music all the time? ;)

- KJ

Terace - Let Me Know

"Let me know how you like it baby". Terace brings their newest track to Soundcloud, after having gone through the wringer that is Soundcloud's copyright detection system and receiving notice that they may be infringing on their own copyright. The issues with the upload appear to now be sorted, and are we glad that's the case! With KLP laying down the smooth vocals overtop of Terace's nu house style, this track goes down nice and easy.  The only complaint?  It's only three and a half minutes long!  Hoping to have an extended mix at some point in the future, but until that point, this will do nicely.

Terace brings their own flavour of future house to the game, with great piano parts matched well with that low end future bassline.  Dan's recent injury that has kept him in a wheelchair this past while obviously hasn't slowed up the duo's productions, as is clearly on display in their latest offering.

This single isn't quite out yet, but from Terace's Facebook page, the single package looks like it will have remixes from the likes of Taiki Nulight, Kyle Watson, ODD MOB, Mike Metro and Polographia - so watch for the full package to drop.  With the quality of the original and the calibre of remixing producers, this is likely going to be an action packed release. Until then though, stream the original mix below.

- KJ

Thee Cool Cats & Lika Morgan - Thee Worst

Lika Morgan is a singer/songwriter out of LA with quite a talent for putting her vocal spin on classic tracks. This is evident from her Soundcloud profile, having dropped versions of Ace of Bass' All That She Wants, Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams, an her most recent, a version of Duran Duran's Relax. Her collaboration with Thee Cool Cats is work in the same stream, a vocal house reimagining of Jhené Aiko's The Worst

As much as there is a very legitimate focus on the vocals of this collaboration, that by no means indicates that the house production fades away into the background. When the bassline and piano hit together just past the minute and a half mark, there is no denying that Thee Cool Cats have not held back in their house production here. Everything works together really well, and the result is an uncompromising house track with serious crossover appeal.

The full EP was released on April 13th, with EDM.com's Tech channel premiering the full track. Stream it in full below, and pick it up from Beatport, as it's still exclusive there for the time being.

- KJ

TastyTreat x Black Monday x Cory Enemy - Press Reset ft. Amory

Press Reset is a really nice chill vocal trap track that should get your Monday going nicely. A collaboration between a number of artists - TastyTreat, Black MondayCory Enemy and Amory, there was no shortage of creative vibes going into this production. There are a lot of really interesting elements to this one, from intriguing key runs, to vocal chops, to the myriad of different synth sounds worked into. This is some future music for sure. Don't just take my word for it though, have a listen for yourself below.

This is available as part of a full free album release Hebinomichi Vol. 2, so head over and grab the 14 track compilation for whatever you would like to pay. The compilation has a number of great producers featured, from KRNE to SteLouse amongst others.  Check it out!

- KJ

Digital Farm Animals - True

Digital Farm Animals recently published True on their Soundcloud, and it's a catchy piece of piano driven vocal pop house. The vocals are a tribute to chilled out, accepting partners and their dedication. Definitely a sappy pop track, but that needn't take away from anyone's pure enjoyment of the catchy energy on it. As always, I'm a big sucker for strong, piano driven house music, and True very much fits the bill. Have a listen below and stay tuned for the release.

- KJ

CYN - Something

If absolutely nothing else, CYN proves with this track that technology has made it really simple to get musical ideas recorded, and you can really get it done anywhere, anytime if you have the drive to do it.  In the description, CYN says she wrote this song while babysitting after putting the kids to sleep, and recorded on an iPhone headphone microphone. For something so simply recorded, this track is stunning. Something is all about the vocals, which are smooth and soothing, warm and beautiful.  A simple backing drum track and short piano run is all the background that is there, and really all that is required.  If this chill track is something you're into, CYN has put it up as a free download so you can grab it straight from the player below.

How was this recorded on an iPhone headphone mic?  What a time to be alive.

- KJ

Mediate - What You Do

Eton Messy launched this video yesterday, with the quote that Mediate is bringing a little taste of summer. I can't disagree with their simple description, this is sunny, feel-good house music.  Just try belting out that hook without cracking a smile - pretty tough to do, if not impossible!

This is still unreleased, but will be coming out on Love & Other Records on March 13th.  What You Do will definitely be seeing some heavy playtime in my summer sets. While we're waiting for the official release, enjoy the Youtube stream of the track, close your eyes and let yourself get back to summer with Mediate.

- KJ