rgry - 9302018

I’m jumping back in here with a few posts, and what better way to start than with the freshest piece of trap from a producer I’ve been following for a long time. rgry just dropped 9302018, which is a short but intense burst of experimental bass. Check this out soon though, rgry tends to upload and delete from their soundcloud page often.


Nuage - Spring Ghosts [Project Mooncircle]

Another post for Mellow Monday.  Though this one may not be necessarily mellow, it's definitely deep, brooding and emotional. Nuage's EP "Neida" was recently released by Project Mooncircle, a label and creative collective based in Germany that focuses on experimental electronic music.

Spring Ghosts is one of the tracks from the release that is a little more experimental in its use of percussion and beats, where some of the other tracks on the EP lean more toward a house style. Nuage also uses some really interesting and haunting vocal loops on this production that enhance the feel of the track throughout.

If you like how this one sounds, you can stream the entire EP on Project Mooncircle's Bandcamp page, where you can also purchase the digital or limited edition vinyl release. I also included one of the other tracks (Erased) from this release on my last mix for Underground Sound Canada, so watch for that upload as well.

- KJ

Pools - Woods and Trails

If you haven't heard of Pools yet, you need to get yourself a Soundcloud account - as that seems to be where Pools has gained the most traction (Pools also has twitter and instagram accounts, but neither come close to the 13,000+ followers on Soundcloud). I came across Pools a while back as there was early support from Louis The Child, and I am glad for that.  There has been a ton of quality material on Soundcloud, though there are very few tracks that extend even past the 2:00 mark.  The short track length is partially what kept me from posting much of the material before, but definitely check the previous material.  They're all great productions, albeit short on time.

Woods and Trails is another example of this, clocking in at only 1:46.  Even in that short amount of time though, there are some really great places explored, with a really mellow and chilled back soundscape and an interesting vocal sample. It's got a bit of an electronica/hip hop vibe to it, but it's hard to pin down.  It seems that all of Pools' work has a strong experimental vibe to it, which is quite refreshing.  Check out the body of work available here.

- KJ

The Kount - Kount Edition 2

Toronto based producer The Kount has just uploaded Kount Edition 2, an EP of 4 edits. This is some really funky stuff on here, with an experimental blend of disco, hip hop, soul and electronica. My favourite from this EP would have to be The Kount's edit of FKJ's Lying Together with its laid back vibe and late onset synths. These elements paired with the percussion and tight vocal chops give it both a laid back and tight feel at the same time. But really, it's hard to find fault with any of the tracks on the EP - all 4 are thoroughly enjoyable.

The Kount has also gone through and made a bunch of his older work available as name your price/free, so browse through the albums on his Bandcamp page and pick up what sounds good to you!

- KJ