FromThx L - Thx L Vol.1 EP

FromThx L reached out to me and put himself on my radar a little while back when he was putting out Who Am I?, which impressed me. Since then he’s come back with quality content with FWY and now with the Vol.1 EP. All 3 tracks have distinct flows and sounds, and feature different producers behind each beat ( RK, Black Mayo, TraxxHitmaker). The bars here are also tight, catchy, and reflective. Don’t sleep on this EP, and keep an eye on future work on Apple Music, Spotify, or Soundcloud.


Friends of Foes - Chronophobic

So this is a little different direction than many of our posts here on freshdrops, but we like to not get caught in a rut, and we always post music that we like. We also love featuring Canadian artists, especially if they're from our home province of Saskatchewan. Friends of Foes fits all of these descriptions, and this LP is a great bit of indie rock from the four-piece out of Saskatoon. Plus, Tony helped us out just by being a great dude when we were throwing shows in the Lydia's loft back in the day - the least we could do is show some support back!

If you're a fan of indie rock or folk, definitely check this out - you won't be disappointed. The entire album is really polished and catchy as hell!  Don't just take my word for it though, stream the whole album below, and pick up the digital download or CD for your collection for $12 or $15 respectively from their Bandcamp store. Chronophobic was actually released at the end of 2013, so this is some of their older work - but the band just recently rediscovered their Soundcloud account and uploaded it there.  If you're looking for a more recent offering from Friends of Foes, check out their single Winter, which was released back in October of 2014, and can be picked up on their Bandcamp Store for a single shiny loonie.  Keep an eye out for more coming from them though, word has it there's a new album in the works for early 2016...

Lastly, but probably most importantly, Friends of Foes are currently in the regional semi-finals for the CBC Searchlight competition. If you're a fan of their sound, make sure you head to their artist page for the competition and throw them a vote - there's no registration required, and you can vote once a day, so get on it!

- KJ