Harrison Brome - 9 to 5

To be fair, I have to give it to Spotify's discover feature, it manages to dig up cool stuff that I've missed on a pretty consistent basis. This beauty from Harrison Brome is one such suggested track. 9 to 5 starts with a really mellow lead up with amazing vocal chops on display, and even without any drums, the vocals give you a feel good vibe. Then the beat drops in to spice up the groove.

Really nice chill afternoon summer jam, stream below!


Tabrill - Letters ft. Youth Allowance

We've got something a little different for you all today, a genre defying collaboration between two Brisbane based acts - future beats/trap/chill/electronic/general cool sounds producer Tabrill, and indie rock group Youth Allowance.

The idea came about as many strange yet great collaboration ideas come from - in an alcohol-influenced conversation at a party. Will from Youth Allowance approached Tabrill about doing a track together, and the two parties came together to create the hybrid, genre-defying (or maybe genre defining? yes?) Letters. A really nice mix of indie instrumentation and lyricism brought together with Tabrill's electronic production experience, and the outcome is better than anyone could have hoped.

Have a listen to the track below, and if you're feeling it, pick it up on iTunes or stream with your Spotify account. Make sure to follow both Tabrill and Youth Allowance on Soundcloud to keep up with their new material.  We are.

- KJ

Chante Moore - Straight Up (3MBR Remix)

Another pop-dance track coming at you refreshed today, courtesy of 3MBR. If you check the original video from Chante Moore's Straight Up, it oozes that early 2000's dance feel. 3MBR's remix brings things into a more contemporary area, fitting into the deep/future house genre. Retaining the confident single lady lyrical content, the remix holds onto a throwback vibe while keeping it fresh with the heavy bassline drop.

3MBR has this up as a free download, so why not grab it for yourself? It's available from Hypeddit here.

- KJ

.OCIN - Forever Ya

In much of the same stream as the other post from today, German producer .OCIN brings a chill trap/future beats vibe with Forever Ya.  This one is super fresh, as it was just published earlier today. This is a great track for ending your Monday on a laid back note - Forever Ya is introduced with a really nice laid back melody with a little bit of low end bass accompaniment before the percussion drops in. Even then, the whole track works together nicely to give the feel of a mellow slow jam. Again, pitched vocals make an appearance to give some lyrical interest.

.OCIN has uploaded this one as a free download, so make sure you hit that shopping cart in the embedded player below or click here and pick it up if you're feeling it.

- KJ

cln. - Found

This came up on the stream last week, and we held out on posting it for a bit later.  cln. brings some serious vibes to Found, with interesting melodic key runs throughout backed by warm and wobbly pads. Pitched and chopped vocals just add to the variety in this one, all around a really cool and easy going track.

Found is the title track off of cln's new Found EP, which is available from iTunes here.  Make sure you head over and check out the rest of the EP, and grab it if you're feeling it.

- KJ

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne - Real Love (BÅUT Bootleg)

This remix was uploaded on Soundcloud by BÅUT a while back, but I was waiting to see if it would get set to a free download before I posted it here, and it did!  I've already tossed this into a couple of my sets, as it's a seriously great bootleg. The Soundcloud play stats are seriously way too low considering the quality of it, but that's why I love digging for music - you come across absolute gems that are still secret weapons.

BÅUT keeps a majority of the vocals from Jess Glynne from the original, and it sounds very similar to the pop version right up to the first buildup, but when the drop comes in at the 1:30 mark, you know this is something a bit different. Working on the style that is evident in the other bootlegs posted on BÅUT's Soundcloud, this bootleg oozes deep bass in line with the deep/future/tech house niche. If you want a bootleg that goes hard but still is recognizable to everyone in the club, grab this one now - it's now your secret weapon too.

- KJ

rgry - good2u

rgry has been putting out hot music pretty consistently through Soundcloud, a lot of it on that future, chill trap, hip hop vibe.  We just saw good2u pop up in our stream recently as it was reposted by audiopium, and it's quality material. This is one for those of you who want some passionate lyrics along with your beats.  This goes back to Teddy Riley and Tammy Lucas' Is It Good To You, though I am not quite sure whether the vocal used in this is sampled and pitched or covered with a new vocalist. Either way, it's fresh again.

There was no link from the new post on audiopium, but we dug up the original upload from rgry which is still up for free download, so grab it from the player below. If you haven't checked rgry's Soundcloud page, make sure you check it, as there is a lot more cool stuff there, some as free downloads.

- KJ

JNTHN STEIN - Float ft. G.L.A.M.

JNTHN STEIN has recently teamed up with Oakland artist G.L.A.M. (Good Lyrics And Music) to put together Float. The lyricism in this has a strong current culture emphasis, as it seems to be a commentary on contemporary artist development and the internet culture. In terms of genre, the piece itself is tough to classify, but has definite elements of trap and hip hop as well as future beats. The vibe is an interesting mixture of chill and heavy, with a quite unexpected and really cool switch up at the end, moving the track into yet another genre descriptor with house elements coming in at the switch up.

Float was released through alaya. as a free download, so if this one is enjoyable to you, grab it through the shopping cart button in the player below.

- KJ

Penthouse Penthouse - Conspicuous

The guys of Penthouse Penthouse out of LA have recently redone Usher's 2004 hit Yeah! Their rework entitled conspicuous has an interesting mix of Future R&B, Nu Disco and Chill Trap elements, used all alongside the majority of the easily recognizable original lyrics from the chart topper. 

The guys recently picked up a Juno 106 (which will make any gearhead producer or synth fan jealous for sure) and put it to use with all of the synths in this remix having been created with the 106. These sounds give the track an interesting vintage vibe meshed with nu school sound and production and those nostalgic mid 2000 club-pop feels.

This is a really cool piece of work, and Penthouse Penthouse have uploaded it as a free download - so if you're feeling it, just hit the download button in the top right corner of the embedded player.

- KJ

Childish Gambino - Sober (LeMarquis Cover)

Childish Gambino's Kauai EP opened with the track Sober, and LeMarquis has just put out a cover of this opener. Originally he wanted to do a remix, but couldn't find the acapella - so he ended up doing the vocals himself, and the result is really enjoyable. 

The synth work in here is quite nice, a slight delay and pitch bend gives it a distinct laid back feel, and works really well with the bassline. This is a summer jam if I've ever heard one, everything about this cover screams warm sun and good vibes. No info on release or download information, but we hope this becomes available somewhere at some point soon!

- KJ

Spire - Girls

We posted the first track published by the new collective Soda Island last week (Xander Lewis' Honeydew in case you missed it), and they have come back with their second offering from a producer we've been watching for a little while - Spire. Girls is the most recently published track from the collective, keeping consistent to the high quality bar that was set with the first release.

Girls is an interestingly laid back but bouncy track with pitched vocals and interesting synth work. This one is hard to describe and classify, but it's pretty forward thinking stuff.  Make sure you check it out yourself and grab the free download. Also check out Spire's previous work on his Soundcloud page, as there is a lot of cool stuff there. You may also want to keep an eye on Soda Island, if these releases are any indication, there is much more good stuff to come.

- KJ

TastyTreat x Black Monday x Cory Enemy - Press Reset ft. Amory

Press Reset is a really nice chill vocal trap track that should get your Monday going nicely. A collaboration between a number of artists - TastyTreat, Black MondayCory Enemy and Amory, there was no shortage of creative vibes going into this production. There are a lot of really interesting elements to this one, from intriguing key runs, to vocal chops, to the myriad of different synth sounds worked into. This is some future music for sure. Don't just take my word for it though, have a listen for yourself below.

This is available as part of a full free album release Hebinomichi Vol. 2, so head over and grab the 14 track compilation for whatever you would like to pay. The compilation has a number of great producers featured, from KRNE to SteLouse amongst others.  Check it out!

- KJ

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You (Mike Williams Future Remix)

So I've been having an internal battle ever since I found this track as to whether or not I should post it on freshdrops, since its such a guilty guilty pleasure. In the end, I decided there's no way I can withhold this sugary frosted future house goodness from all of you and just keep it for my own private pleasure, and so here is the post.

Carly Rae Jepsen is a name that should be fairly recognizable, as she is likely responsible for at least one song that you've had stuck in your head... Which again, I had a very Todd Edwards-y dub remix that I had the guilty and cheeky pleasure of throwing into a few sets here and there. Well she's back with an equally persistent earworm, made all the more enjoyable by Netherlands based Mike Williams putting a future house spin on it. And it's available through TropiKult as a free download.  If you enjoy hitting repeat an ungodly amount of times, listen and download below.  If you're not into mashing repeat, you may want to pass on this one.  Seriously, don't even listen.  Hey, at least I warned you.

- KJ

GotSome - Just A Feeling EP

The time has finally come! This EP was just released on Defected Records yesterday. I've been waiting for the title track since Defected teased it on their Defected in the House podcast last summer. GotSome doesn't disappoint, delivering two great originals on here, along with some quality remixes - my favourite is Sonny Fodera's remix of Just A Feeling.

If you're someone who likes their house music with a bit of a funky deep bassline flavour and a sprinkling of future influenced sounds, the boys from Bristol GotSome have you covered, and this is the EP for you. The whole EP goes hard, but don't just take my word for it - decently long previews are all in the player below. Pick this up as it's available now from a variety of outlets (Beatport, and Traxsource).

- KJ

Tapes - Almost

This Monday we've got a throwback to the end of November that graced our Soundcloud feed. Tapes delivers a smooth chill trap vibe on this.  This should get your Monday off on the right foot. This one needs little further description, hit play below and enjoy.

Oh, and it's also a free download. Imagine that?  Part of an entire free 27 track compilation from Shoeboxx Recordings.

- KJ

Micetro X Casual Magic - Love In Color

I'm a bit late in posting this one, as it's been up for a couple months now, but I just came across it and had to share.  Micetro and Casual Magic came together to make this bit of energetic chill trap (Is that a possible combination?  Listen and you'll see what I mean...) and released it as a free download.

Love In Color has really warm synth work, heavy trap style percussion, along with chopped vocals that seem to be delivered with a kind of laid back urgency.  This track seems to sit right on the fence between really energetic and chilled out and laid back.  Brought together, it's a thoroughly enjoyable piece of music to listen to the whole way through, and is available to grab for your music library for absolutely nothing aside from a Soundcloud follow.  Have a listen below, and pick it up for your collection.

- KJ

Felon - Closer

Felon, a crew of three London producers, have only been around for a little over a year, but have blown up over this relatively short span of time.  Felon's tracks are really well done, so it's no surprise that they are now getting attention from major labels such as Ultra Music. From really cool remixes to very polished originals, Felon's material is rock solid from start to finish.  If you don't believe me, just head back to their Soundcloud and see for yourself. Their first single that was released was Isla, and one of my favourites that was also picked up by Ultra is Colour.

Felon is back again with a new track set for dancefloors and beachside sets the world over, straddling a line between deeper tech house and garage, and the summery vibes of tropical house.  Let yourself G a little closer, and have a listen for yourself below.  You won't be disappointed.  Then hit the download button at the top right hand side of the embedded player, as Felon and Ultra have released this as a completely free download.

Don't forget to check their Soundcloud page for more past heat.

- KJ

Feki - Remember

So we could have waited until later in the week to post this... or maybe until next Monday, since it fits the Mellow Monday vibe so well, but we thought why not post it when it's still fresh?  This amazing chilled out track from Feki was uploaded just a few hours ago, and it's already racked up a couple thousand plays on Soundcloud.  It's no mystery as to why this is, as I've already listened to it multiple times since the first play through.

Remember starts out with a laid back key intro, and slowly introduces vocals and deep bass drums that make up the majority of the stripped back percussion.  At the 1:30 mark, Feki drops in some natural piano work which compliments the instrumentation up to this point spectacularly. Feki isn't content with just continuing down the same path with his music, and this is a perfect example of this approach.  Rather than keeping things the same for the second drop, he introduces an interesting bassline just short of the 3 minute mark, and that last drop brings in everything left in the track.

Get this in you to finish off your Monday.  It's fresh, it's quality. And it's up for free download.

- KJ

SYRE - Burn ft. Kendra Dias

This Mellow Monday is brought to you by SYRE and Kendra Dias, a producer and vocalist respectively, both based in Vancouver. As always, I love it when I come across spectacular music like this coming from right here in the Great White North. Next Wave seems to have recognized the talent here and has released this as a free download through their label.

Burn is a great mix of instrumentation, sampling and smooth vocal and lyrical work, meshing together to create a great contemporary indie dance track with some real pop crossover potential. All in all, this is a great track to get you through your Monday. Or any day really, why let Mondays have all the fun? Get this in you and grab the free download by hitting the shopping cart in the player below.

- KJ