rgry - 9302018

I’m jumping back in here with a few posts, and what better way to start than with the freshest piece of trap from a producer I’ve been following for a long time. rgry just dropped 9302018, which is a short but intense burst of experimental bass. Check this out soon though, rgry tends to upload and delete from their soundcloud page often.


This Ain't Bristol - More Selections [TAB002] (Compilation)

We wouldn't be able to call ourselves freshdrops if we didn't give you all something to download the day of release. We're following through on that today and posting about a great compilation coming from a group out of Germany - This Ain't Bristol. The best part about this compilation - it's great music ABSOLUTELY FREE, and was just released today - January 5th.

If This Ain't Bristol is a new name to you, you may also like to know that this is the second compilation that they have released for free. The first is also a massive release and is still available via their website here.

I could go on about the quality of names and sounds in general on this compilation, or try to pick out some of my favourite tracks, but honestly - it's all great. With artists such as South Soul Project, Hostage and Nick Olivetti featured, and with really creative sample use such as Dead or Alive's You Spin Me Round and Estelle's vocal from Kanye West's American Boy, there's something in here for everyone. Bonus for DJ's and audiophiles - you can choose your download format between mp3 or wav files. 

If you like your house deep, techy and bassy, this release is for you. Take advantage and jump on that free download!

This Ain't Bristol - More Selections Download

- KJ