What So Not - Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)

The remix pack that this track is a part of showed up in my inbox earlier last week courtesy of Sweat It Out, and I am super pumped to include it on the blog.  Having gone through the remix pack in its entirety, and given the heavy tracks I've been posting this week, the Noisia remix of What So Not's Divide & Conquer fit in perfectly.

This remix is so heavy I should be including a disclaimer in the post. In fact, there's your disclaimer right there.  Noisia goes in hard on this remix, and have come out with an intense genre-bending piece of work that I'm honestly stumped as to how to classify it.  It has drum and bass elements, drumstep elements, trap elements, and some stuff beyond all of these. The buildups are put together in a way that brings the pressure straight to your chest before dropkicking you in the same region with the huge distorted basslines that take the focus as soon as you hear them.

I don't even know what more to say on this one, other than you need to listen to it now, and put it on repeat if you like anything heavy in your musical diet at all.  Hit this link to grab this remix and the rest of the package on the major music retailers/streaming platforms.


Chase & Status - Time ft. Delilah (Luke①Hundred House Bootleg)

This little house bootleg is a great low key remix for Tuesday evening. Luke①Hundred just dropped this bootleg of Chase & Status' poppy drum and bass track Time that features the vocals of Delilah from back in 2011.

Luke's house bootleg is great in that it doesn't try to be something super epic and complex - sometimes house music is most powerful when it is stripped back to some of its more minimal elements. The Time bootleg does this really well, with a simple but effective percussion setup to open up the track, leading into an early breakdown and buildup with some melodic pads and Delilah's vocals. This buildup is followed by the drop into a nice bassline groove accented by the occasional vocal cut and the continued backbone percussion throughout. This is a great house reimagining of the original, and definitely one I would play out at any time of night - perfect in an opening or afterhours set.

It looks like this is currently just up as a stream, but hopefully you will be able to get your hands on this tight little bootleg soon.

- KJ

Huxley - Freebies (Blurred Demos)

UK producer Huxley released his full artist album Blurred back in late October of 2014, but just recently tossed a full setlist of demos from the album for free download up on his Soundcloud page.  From Huxley's description of the playlist: "here are some demos that never made it onto my album, Blurred. none are finished, mastered or mixed. but i hope you enjoy! feel free to play, listen or delete at will."

Those of you who have heard of Huxley know that the man produces quality house music.  One of my favourite tracks that still occasionally makes it into my sets is Box Clever, along with the rest of the Out Of The Box EP, released back in 2012.

The recent upload is pretty much another full album, for free download.  There is a range of styles in this, ranging from deep house tracks such as Halloumi V3 and GenericWybes, to borderline bassline and grime on Roll It, to D&B vibes on Inst 14 Nbb.

These are all downloadable directly from Soundcloud, so all that's keeping you from adding these tracks to your iTunes is a couple clicks.  Get clicking!

- KJ

S.P.Y - BRSTL Hardcore [NEST046]

We're going in heavy this Wednesday, cause we know sometimes you just need a boost to get through the hump day.  Hospital Records and Drum & Bass veteran S.P.Y. has come through with a dark and driving EP through Skrillex's Nest HQ label. If you haven't heard anything about Nest HQ yet, definitely check them out - they are a label dedicated to releasing great music for free, mostly on the heavier side of dance and electronic music.

As mentioned earlier, Hospital Records is one of the biggest labels in Drum & Bass, and S.P.Y. is a label veteran. So you know anything they're putting out is going to be big, and this EP is no exception to that expectation. The title track sets the tone for the rest of the EP, starting off dark, semi tribal and ominous before dropping into the heavy, old school dnb reese and drums. My other favourite on this is Leave Me Alone, with its unique use of the synth to create both melodic and additional percussive elements.

If you're a fan of dnb, grab these tracks below directly from Soundcloud for free.

As an additional little bonus track highlight, and to show a bit more of S.P.Y.'s production versatility, I'm also including one of his more atmospheric works that I absolutely love. Here it is, S.P.Y. - You. Enjoy.

- KJ