Dislexik - Bird Song

So this one was released a while ago already, but I just came across it relatively recently, and thought it really deserved a bit more promo.  Bird Song is a driving tech house track from local Saskatoon producer Dislexik, a veteran DJ and amazing producer in our local scene. A lot of the material I've heard of his leans more toward techno, and Birdsong captures much of his feel while also having a bit of a house vibe on it as well.  It's also been released through Prescribed as a free download, so jump on it and support your local artists!

- KJ

Soulless Sun and Marc Able - Like Fire

Local Regina producers Soulless Sun and Marc Able recently collaborated on a new Melbourne Bounce track, and just released it Monday as a free download on each of their Soundcloud pages. Like Fire has all the elements you could want in a melbourne bounce track - big and gritty synth leads, vocal driven breakdowns and buildups, and energetic drums. If you're into melbourne bounce, make sure to support your local Saskatchewan talent and grab the free download here.

- KJ

Fresh Drops Vol. 3 - Guest Mix: Danger Bay (Saskatchewan)

Here's the Soundcloud stream of the April edition of Fresh Drops on Underground Sound Canada. As usual, we have some summery nu disco, deep house, tech house and future house included. Some of this should sound familiar, as they are tracks I've posted, while some of it should be fresh!  

We were also joined this month by Danger Bay, head of Skylab Records and Skylab Events out of Saskatoon for this month's guest mix. Tune in at 57:40 for his house, tech house, and techno mix with a bit of future R&B/trap to end it off.


Danger Bay Mix (57:40 - 1:56:45):


1. Mr Ho, Florian Blauensteiner - BASF (Original Mix)

2. Loopdeville - Get U High (Original Mix) 

3. HiRO - Ruby Likes Dubstep (Kris Wadsworth Remix)

4. The Glitz - Snowmaker (Original Mix)    

5. Mihai Popoviciu - I Lead You (Original Mix)        

6. Figueroa, Obando - Deer Dance Posse (Proudly People)

7. Moritz Piske - Real One (Roberto Rodriguez Stamping The Ground Mix)

8. Adrian Hour - Ethno (Original Club Mix) 

9. Zoo Brazil - River (Original Mix)           

10. Daniel Dubb, m.O.N.R.O.E. - Body To Body (Original Mix)        

11. Sinisa Tamamovic - Red Light (Ron Costa Remix)

12. No Regular Play - Owe Me (Original Mix)        

13. KiNK - Fantasia (Original Mix)

14. Tiga, Audion - Fever (KiNK Remix)      

15. Shiba San - Westside Connection (Original Mix)

16. Lewis Boardman - Work On Me (Original Mix) 

17. vbnd - Time with u (Original Mix)        

18. vbnd - Animalistic (Original Mix)

Kris Jones Mix (0:00 - 57:30):


1. Pick You Up Darlin' - Young Franco, Set Mo

2. Thee Worst (Club Mix) - Thee Cool Cats, Lika Morgan // Enormous Tunes

3. Shooting Stars (POOLCLVB Cover) - Bag Raiders

4. Let Me Know (Mike Metro Remix) - Terace, KLP // Sweat It Out

5. Closer (Original Mix) - Felon // Ultra Music Free Download

6. I Am The Dub (Original Mix) - S. Jay // Criminal Hype

7. Decandence (Original Mix) - Sebastian Ledher, Lex Green // 1994 Music

8. Coupe De Ville (Extended Mix) - TCTS, Aniff Akinola // MTA Records

9. Wiggle (Original Mix) - Lizzie Curious // Sphera Records

10. Disco Feeling (Original Mix) - Savi Leon // Tactical Records

11. Talkin' Bout It ft. KLP - Young Franco

12. Full Moon - Durante

13. The Promise (Walker & Royce Remix) - The Golden Boy // Eton Messy Records






- KJ

Friends of Foes - Chronophobic

So this is a little different direction than many of our posts here on freshdrops, but we like to not get caught in a rut, and we always post music that we like. We also love featuring Canadian artists, especially if they're from our home province of Saskatchewan. Friends of Foes fits all of these descriptions, and this LP is a great bit of indie rock from the four-piece out of Saskatoon. Plus, Tony helped us out just by being a great dude when we were throwing shows in the Lydia's loft back in the day - the least we could do is show some support back!

If you're a fan of indie rock or folk, definitely check this out - you won't be disappointed. The entire album is really polished and catchy as hell!  Don't just take my word for it though, stream the whole album below, and pick up the digital download or CD for your collection for $12 or $15 respectively from their Bandcamp store. Chronophobic was actually released at the end of 2013, so this is some of their older work - but the band just recently rediscovered their Soundcloud account and uploaded it there.  If you're looking for a more recent offering from Friends of Foes, check out their single Winter, which was released back in October of 2014, and can be picked up on their Bandcamp Store for a single shiny loonie.  Keep an eye out for more coming from them though, word has it there's a new album in the works for early 2016...

Lastly, but probably most importantly, Friends of Foes are currently in the regional semi-finals for the CBC Searchlight competition. If you're a fan of their sound, make sure you head to their artist page for the competition and throw them a vote - there's no registration required, and you can vote once a day, so get on it!

- KJ

Chief Beats - Memories

Some really cool hip hop production coming out of Saskatoon hit my Soundcloud stream this week from Chief Beats. Memories is a chilled funky hip hop beat with stings, funk guitar and that great vocal sample all masterfully woven together - and it's uploaded for free download.  With tight production like this from a local artist, there's no way I could not support this.

If you're a producer and would love to remix this somehow, Chief Beats has thrown all the stems up for download as well, available here. If you want more, he has a significant back catalogue of tracks, most released as free downloads all on his Soundcloud page.

- KJ

Deep Vibe Vol 5. Mixed By Gavin Crawford

So there are any number of reasons for me posting this mix, any and all of which are true and have contributed to this post.  First, it's a hell of a great deep house mix, by my good friend Gavin Crawford.  Second, this has a nice focus on local artists, which I love to feature - Gavin is from right here in Regina, and the guest mix comes from Shael, from the province over, in Winnipeg. Third, Gavin's mix opens with a track from a label that we are now proudly affiliated with, Deepwit Recordings. Fourth, I think this is a perfect mix to get through a Thursday.  And lastly, it gives a nice little bridge into reminding you that this Sunday on Underground Sound Canada's Mixlr, Fresh Drops Vol. 2 will be aired, along with a guest mix from NuKraft.

With all that said, check out the mix below - tune in, turn up and vibe out.

- KJ

Soulless Sun - Hulk

We're sneaking in another late week addition into the blog. We love to support local artists whenever possible if they fit within what we are doing here at freshdrops, and with Soulless Sun being based right here in the same city of Regina, how could we not support this?

Soulless Sun has been grinding away hard at what he does, both with running his online radio show Ricochet Radio with Whit3N9nja on Friday nights, and on his production game. He released this track for free on his Soundcloud page after reaching his goal of 1000 likes. Big ups for reaching the goal and continuing on with the music he is passionate about.

The Hulk is a Melbourne Bounce track, for those of you who are into genre classification.  This one has all the hallmarks of the genre, so if you're a fan of bigroom, festival "EDM" or Electro, this is one for you.

Support your local producers, grab this track and share it where you can!

- KJ