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Freshdrops was a long time in the making, sitting, as most ideas do, in the initial concept phase for quite some time.  The idea of a blog was appealing to me, as I listened to a lot of varied music, though much of it never made it into my DJ sets, for one reason or another - not the type of show I was booked for, not fitting the mood that ended up at a particular venue that night, simply not dancefloor material but great to listen to, and the list goes on.  The show would pass, and a lot of great music passed over in favour of newer releases.  The idea was to share more music in a way that didn't require these factors that are common when playing out.  I also wanted to give another avenue for the up-and-coming as well as the established producers that I enjoyed another place for exposure.

The concept for freshdrops slowly developed over time, and the overarching idea was that the music would be fresh, and picked with care - of top quality in as many respects as possible.  My aim is for freshdrops to become the music equivalent of an artisan market or farmer's market.  When hosting an event, you want fresh ingredients to make a high-quality salad or meal for guests. This concept is similar to DJing - you want fresh music to put into your sets for your fans and friends.  My aim is to keep this blog updated with the freshest and newest high quality releases that I come across.  

I hope you enjoy your time here, and take time to sit back and enjoy the music.  

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