Freedom Fry - Junkie (Penguin Prison Remix)

After all the heavy posts this week, I thought it would be good to include something a little softer and sweeter, but no less awesome.  Penguin Prison's remix of Junkie by Freedom Fry hits the spot nicely.  

Penguin Prison takes the very indie rock sounding original and makes it very danceable by putting a bit of a nu disco twist in while still keeping a bit of the indie rock feel. The entirety of the vocals stay in the remix for those of you looking for something to sing along with, and this is a perfect song to sandwich into your summer road trip playlists or for your beach lounge sessions. 

If this is the style you're looking for this weekend, add this and the rest of Freedom Fry's Remixes EP on Apple Music or Spotify.


WDSTCK - So Free (Millesim Remix)

Millesim have come up with a really laid back and summery remix of WDSTCK's So Free.  While the original has a bit of a tropical feel, it has a much quicker pace and heavier drums. Where Millesim really shines is their stripped back and lounge style indie tropical vibe that allows a lot more expression in the melodic elements of the track. Even the vocals seem more expressive and free in this, a bit of a fitting description for its title. We hope you enjoy this remix wherever you happen to be spending your mellow Monday.

The Millesim remix was released back in mid-june as part of the remix package for So Free, with 4 other remixes. It is available from iTunes here.

- KJ

XO - Flames of a Phoenix

It's been a little while since we've seen new material coming from XO, but after hearing the sneak peek from his upcoming EP The Ethereal Experience coming out late July on He Loves You Not Recordings, it's been worth waiting for. The first track uploaded from the forthcoming EP is Flames of a Phoenix, which just oozes with indie dance and future R&B sounds, with vocals laid down by XO himself. It was premiered by The Beat Juice, and has already racked up over 8k plays in a day.

The EP is now available for pre-order on iTunes, which will also get you Somethin' About U right away ahead of the full release.

- KJ

Spazzkid - Promise (Suken Remix)

Spazzkid released the Promise EP a while back in the summer of 2014, an album with an indie dance feel to it.  The title track Promise also feels like it has some indie rock influence to it.

French producer Suken has just recently put his own spin on the title track that feels very much like chill glitch hop/trap/electro.  The remix is a drastic departure from the original while still keeping many of the lyrics, and also maintaining a real summer vibe. The cherry on top is that it's uploaded as a free download.

If you like this remix from Suken, make sure to check his other material on his soundcloud page - much of it is in the same genre niche as this remix, and also up for free download.

- KJ

Tinashe - All Hands On Deck (Giraffage Remix)

Giraffage comes in hard with this fresh remix of Tinashe!  Premiered on yesterday (April 8th) by the blog Gorilla Vs. Bear, this is fresh.

The intro to this remix seems pretty standard, but the remix really drops in at 0:53 and goes hard. This is a really different style, I'm not sure how to best describe it.  It's kind of laid back deep/tropical house mixed with indie dance, and a contemporary take on Popcorn along with the samples from the original track. It is pretty different, but is overall a really enjoyable remix - likely my favourite remix of this track I've heard to date.

Stream in the player below.  I'm not too sure on any release for this, but keep your ear to the ground for that.

- KJ

SYRE - Burn ft. Kendra Dias

This Mellow Monday is brought to you by SYRE and Kendra Dias, a producer and vocalist respectively, both based in Vancouver. As always, I love it when I come across spectacular music like this coming from right here in the Great White North. Next Wave seems to have recognized the talent here and has released this as a free download through their label.

Burn is a great mix of instrumentation, sampling and smooth vocal and lyrical work, meshing together to create a great contemporary indie dance track with some real pop crossover potential. All in all, this is a great track to get you through your Monday. Or any day really, why let Mondays have all the fun? Get this in you and grab the free download by hitting the shopping cart in the player below.

- KJ

Kryptogram - Bless It

You can't go wrong with a funky sax house track - a fact Kryptogram obviously knows well. He is provides generous servings of sax set atop deep house and nu disco elements giving Bless It a distinct feel from your standard deep or future house track.  There is obvious attention paid to both the ambient buildups and subtle percussive elements just as much as the bassline and drops in the production.  This, in addition to the combination of styles into one track, make this a standout piece of work.  Kryptogram also has this up as a free download, so take advantage by following and picking it up.  Also head over to his Soundcloud profile for more of his production.

- KJ

Jamie Prado - Extrasoular

This is a free download coming from, a great track from Jamie Prado.  This is a pretty different take on indie dance and house that works out nicely. The gently filtered piano chords that come in an out for the intro, moving into a light delay sets the background for the rest of the track. There is very little in the way of actual percussive elements right up to the 2:00 mark, as there is really no need - the piano itself works well as both melodic and percussive elements to carry things up to that point.

Have a listen below, and grab the download straight from the embedded player if you're feeling it!

- KJ