Golf Clap - Feel It (Mad Villains Remix) [Country Club Disco]

We've featured and posted in the past about both Mad Villains and Golf Clap, and they're both back with a remix on Country Club Disco.

Mad Villains brings a deep garagey vibe to Golf Clap's Feel It.  If you've heard any of Mad Villain's productions before, you'll recognize his tight production style right away.  If you haven't heard any of his previous material before, you best get on that and browse his Soundcloud page now. A healthy mixture of both house and garage in this remix, and Country Club Disco is just giving it away. Download through the shopping cart link in the player below or click here.

- KJ

Low Steppa - So Real ft. Kelli-Leigh [Simma Black x All Around The World Records]

In case you didn't know yet, I'm a pretty big fan of Low Steppa.  We've featured a fair bit of his work in both posts and mixes in the past, and have been following his work for much longer (like, back to when he was producing electro under his given name, Will Bailey... did that just date me a bit? Ah well...) In any case, his label Simma Black in conjunction with All Around The World Records just put out two separate remix EP's for Low Steppa's So Real, which was just released in the UK on the 20th.

There are some really great remixes along with the radio and club versions of So Real on the EP's, so definitely have a listen to all of them. If you're looking for something a little on the heavy and interesting side, the Lokate or Mandal & Forbes remixes will get you there.  If you want something a bit more bouncy and garagey, there's the Mike Milrain remix. If you want to stick to slightly more traditional house roots, there's the Sam Divine & Curtis Gabriel remix.  Really, there's something for most dance style tastes in this one. Don't miss it!

You can check out the Remixes One and Remixes Two packages on iTunes. Currently the remix packages are only out in the UK iTunes store, but the North American release is set for June 28th so keep an eye out for that!  In the meantime, we have the full club mix available to stream below, we hope you enjoy!

Also in case you were unaware, Low Steppa is in the middle of a short North American mini tour. If you were at EDC in Las Vegas, we hope you caught his set there. However, if you missed it and happen to be in one of the following cities in the next little while, all is not lost! Make sure to check out one of the other dates on his mini-tour before he heads back to the UK.

June 26th, The Gorge, Washington

June 26th, Vancouver, BC

June 27th, New York, New York

- KJ

Taiki Nulight - Ill Bred

Something a litte heavier for you today, Taiki Nulight dropped a free download on Soundcloud as a thank you for hitting 20k likes on his Facebook page. If you've heard any Taiki Nulight before, you know to expect some pretty heavy bass, and Ill Bred definitely provides in that department. 

The lead up into this really only hints at the heaviness that's coming until it drops in fully at the one minute mark.  From then on, Ill Bred doesn't really let up the whole way through.  While not particular melodic at any point in the track, it makes up for it in raw bass and percussive energy. This is not for the faint hearted, and may possibly be a bit heavy for those who are solely into, say, the tropical house scene at the moment - but put this on a proper sound system, and you'll find out who can hang with the bass and who can't.

Ill Bred clocks in at 126 BPM, and as such should fit in nicely with most house sets, but while at that bpm, the track feels much slower with its stripped back and sustained heavy bassline. Perfect if you want to take a set in a bit of a different direction, or want to switch up the feel in am already bass heavy set - this one will definitely do the trick.

- KJ

Motez - Tryna Shake It [Sweat It Out]

Motez has been working on his forthcoming Vancouver EP that will be out May 19th on Sweat It Out, and has uploaded one of the tracks from the EP to his Soundcloud page - Tryna Shake It. It's been up for under a week, and has already had more that 90,000 plays.

A rather mellow intro eases up into things until the drop comes in with a hard and heavy non-compromising bassline. Motez then brings the bassline down slightly to allow the keys and synths to come back into play, mellowing things back out again with some vocal cuts slipped in here and there. This is one of the more interesting takes on the bass house/deep house genre I've heard in a while.  Motez is clearly exercising his ability to produce both a slow burning deep house track and a hard hitting bass track all within one, and it works so well.

Watch Sweat It Out Music and their Facebook page for this one dropping on May 29th. You can also check out some of Motez's previous work on his Soundcloud.

- KJ

Terace - Let Me Know

"Let me know how you like it baby". Terace brings their newest track to Soundcloud, after having gone through the wringer that is Soundcloud's copyright detection system and receiving notice that they may be infringing on their own copyright. The issues with the upload appear to now be sorted, and are we glad that's the case! With KLP laying down the smooth vocals overtop of Terace's nu house style, this track goes down nice and easy.  The only complaint?  It's only three and a half minutes long!  Hoping to have an extended mix at some point in the future, but until that point, this will do nicely.

Terace brings their own flavour of future house to the game, with great piano parts matched well with that low end future bassline.  Dan's recent injury that has kept him in a wheelchair this past while obviously hasn't slowed up the duo's productions, as is clearly on display in their latest offering.

This single isn't quite out yet, but from Terace's Facebook page, the single package looks like it will have remixes from the likes of Taiki Nulight, Kyle Watson, ODD MOB, Mike Metro and Polographia - so watch for the full package to drop.  With the quality of the original and the calibre of remixing producers, this is likely going to be an action packed release. Until then though, stream the original mix below.

- KJ

Micetro X Casual Magic - Love In Color

I'm a bit late in posting this one, as it's been up for a couple months now, but I just came across it and had to share.  Micetro and Casual Magic came together to make this bit of energetic chill trap (Is that a possible combination?  Listen and you'll see what I mean...) and released it as a free download.

Love In Color has really warm synth work, heavy trap style percussion, along with chopped vocals that seem to be delivered with a kind of laid back urgency.  This track seems to sit right on the fence between really energetic and chilled out and laid back.  Brought together, it's a thoroughly enjoyable piece of music to listen to the whole way through, and is available to grab for your music library for absolutely nothing aside from a Soundcloud follow.  Have a listen below, and pick it up for your collection.

- KJ

Redlight x Tinashe - Pretend

I'm a bit late posting this, as Redlight published this a couple weeks ago already. But once you listen to Pretend, you'll understand why I had to post it regardless of how late I am to this one - it goes HARD. This is a heavy future garage/post-dubstep rework of Tinashe's Pretend, originally featuring A$AP ROCKY.

Pretend comes in rather unassuming - a chopped vocal loop over a fairly spacious background tracking.  That unassuming demeanour is shattered when the bassline drops in at the one minute mark. Though the bassline is heavy, the entire track is still fairly minimal and bare - which in this case translates into raw energy throughout.

The production style is almost a bit of a throwback, as it reminds me a bit of the minimal production from Redlight circa 2010 in MDMA, the instrumental that turned into the single "What You Talking About" featuring Ms. Dynamite (MDMA was the B-side on this release).

No word on release of this one yet, but enjoy the stream below.

- KJ

Nocturnal Sunshine - Take Me There

If you enjoy your electronica deep, grooving, and on the dark and dubby side, Take Me There by Nocturnal Sunshine will be right up your alley.  This is the first production taken from the debut album by Nocturnal Sunshine, Maya Jane Coles' new alias. If you have been around the deep house scene for any length of time at all in the last several years, Maya Jane Coles should not be a new name to you.

The album is available for pre-order through iTunes, and you can download Take Me There immediately to hold you over to the full release on May 25th.  However, if you would rather just grab the single on its own without pre-ordering, it is also available as a single from Beatport.


For those of you needing a refresher on some old Maya Jane Coles, here is one of my favourite tracks of hers, and arguably one of her most well known tracks, What They Say from back in 2010.

- KJ

Shenga - Just Can't Stop

I found Shenga, a duo based out of Sheffield in the UK, through Instagram where they had liked one of my posts regarding the blog. I decided to check out their material, as they had a link to their Soundcloud in their account description. I was pleasantly surprised, finding some really great house productions, of which Just Can't Stop is only one example. This is some deep house with some definite garage influence and a generally grimey vibe throughout.  It all works together through a nice bassline chord progression to really get the vibe across.

Grab the Just Can't Stop EP along with remixes from Beatport, and make sure to check Shenga's Soundcloud as well. 

- KJ

Friday Care Package Double Drop (Valentines Special) - February 13th

This Friday Care Package we did it a little different.  Given Valentines Day falls on Saturday, we thought we'd customize the Care Package with this in mind. In an effort to include everyone, we made two 14-track playlists of spectacular new music that centre around both Valentines and counter-Valentines themes. There's great music in both, and likely half of the tracks are free downloads if you dig into the playlists - so we'd encourage checking out both ;) We hope you enjoy, and have a great Valentines Day weekend, however you choose to spend it!

The Valentines theme playlist starts off higher energy, and moves into slower, sexy bedroom beats by the end. 

The Anti-Valentines theme playlist goes in house, gets into some trap and hip hop, then back out house. 


Howson's Groove - Chalk & Cheese [LOVE01801Z]

This low end focused house track has arguably one of the stranger titles I've seen in a while, but don't let the silliness of the name fool you - this is a serious dancefloor stomper.  Released on Love & Other Records as a part of Howson's Groove's larger EP Can't Explain on December 15th.

The track begins with an easy and soft percussive intro, and give just a taste of the kick before dropping into a breakdown and buildup, with the signature bassline kicking in at the 1:34 mark.  It's got a very Eats Everything/Dirtybird bassline vibe that carries on throughout. Don't let the initial four on the floor kick fool you either - this track has more broken beat percussive elements stacked in the bag to drop on you later. As C&C winds down into the second breakdown, we are slowly introduced to an interesting new melodic/percussive element in the buildup that is fully exposed with the last drop.

This track is possibly one of the unsung heroes of the DJ set.  Simple, understated, interesting, bass heavy and grooving.  I've added this to my gig crate for sure, and look forward to dropping it into a few sets soon.

- KJ