Freedom Fry - Junkie (Penguin Prison Remix)

After all the heavy posts this week, I thought it would be good to include something a little softer and sweeter, but no less awesome.  Penguin Prison's remix of Junkie by Freedom Fry hits the spot nicely.  

Penguin Prison takes the very indie rock sounding original and makes it very danceable by putting a bit of a nu disco twist in while still keeping a bit of the indie rock feel. The entirety of the vocals stay in the remix for those of you looking for something to sing along with, and this is a perfect song to sandwich into your summer road trip playlists or for your beach lounge sessions. 

If this is the style you're looking for this weekend, add this and the rest of Freedom Fry's Remixes EP on Apple Music or Spotify.


Tabrill - Letters ft. Youth Allowance

We've got something a little different for you all today, a genre defying collaboration between two Brisbane based acts - future beats/trap/chill/electronic/general cool sounds producer Tabrill, and indie rock group Youth Allowance.

The idea came about as many strange yet great collaboration ideas come from - in an alcohol-influenced conversation at a party. Will from Youth Allowance approached Tabrill about doing a track together, and the two parties came together to create the hybrid, genre-defying (or maybe genre defining? yes?) Letters. A really nice mix of indie instrumentation and lyricism brought together with Tabrill's electronic production experience, and the outcome is better than anyone could have hoped.

Have a listen to the track below, and if you're feeling it, pick it up on iTunes or stream with your Spotify account. Make sure to follow both Tabrill and Youth Allowance on Soundcloud to keep up with their new material.  We are.

- KJ

Urban Cone - Weekends (Feki Remix)

Feki has worked his production magic once again, this time on a remix of Urban Cone. This flip of the original indie song Weekends keeps much of the indie vibe while also adding the electronic/trap flare that Feki has been building recognition for. This is a feel good track perfect for your afternoon chill session or finishing up your workday, whether that is leading into or coming out of the weekend.

It doesn't look like there is a release of the Feki remix as of yet, so stream the heck out of it. If you want to pick up the original Weekends, it is out as part of Urban Cone's release Polaroid Memories, out on iTunes.

- KJ

Spazzkid - Promise (Suken Remix)

Spazzkid released the Promise EP a while back in the summer of 2014, an album with an indie dance feel to it.  The title track Promise also feels like it has some indie rock influence to it.

French producer Suken has just recently put his own spin on the title track that feels very much like chill glitch hop/trap/electro.  The remix is a drastic departure from the original while still keeping many of the lyrics, and also maintaining a real summer vibe. The cherry on top is that it's uploaded as a free download.

If you like this remix from Suken, make sure to check his other material on his soundcloud page - much of it is in the same genre niche as this remix, and also up for free download.

- KJ

Friends of Foes - Chronophobic

So this is a little different direction than many of our posts here on freshdrops, but we like to not get caught in a rut, and we always post music that we like. We also love featuring Canadian artists, especially if they're from our home province of Saskatchewan. Friends of Foes fits all of these descriptions, and this LP is a great bit of indie rock from the four-piece out of Saskatoon. Plus, Tony helped us out just by being a great dude when we were throwing shows in the Lydia's loft back in the day - the least we could do is show some support back!

If you're a fan of indie rock or folk, definitely check this out - you won't be disappointed. The entire album is really polished and catchy as hell!  Don't just take my word for it though, stream the whole album below, and pick up the digital download or CD for your collection for $12 or $15 respectively from their Bandcamp store. Chronophobic was actually released at the end of 2013, so this is some of their older work - but the band just recently rediscovered their Soundcloud account and uploaded it there.  If you're looking for a more recent offering from Friends of Foes, check out their single Winter, which was released back in October of 2014, and can be picked up on their Bandcamp Store for a single shiny loonie.  Keep an eye out for more coming from them though, word has it there's a new album in the works for early 2016...

Lastly, but probably most importantly, Friends of Foes are currently in the regional semi-finals for the CBC Searchlight competition. If you're a fan of their sound, make sure you head to their artist page for the competition and throw them a vote - there's no registration required, and you can vote once a day, so get on it!

- KJ