What So Not - Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)

The remix pack that this track is a part of showed up in my inbox earlier last week courtesy of Sweat It Out, and I am super pumped to include it on the blog.  Having gone through the remix pack in its entirety, and given the heavy tracks I've been posting this week, the Noisia remix of What So Not's Divide & Conquer fit in perfectly.

This remix is so heavy I should be including a disclaimer in the post. In fact, there's your disclaimer right there.  Noisia goes in hard on this remix, and have come out with an intense genre-bending piece of work that I'm honestly stumped as to how to classify it.  It has drum and bass elements, drumstep elements, trap elements, and some stuff beyond all of these. The buildups are put together in a way that brings the pressure straight to your chest before dropkicking you in the same region with the huge distorted basslines that take the focus as soon as you hear them.

I don't even know what more to say on this one, other than you need to listen to it now, and put it on repeat if you like anything heavy in your musical diet at all.  Hit this link to grab this remix and the rest of the package on the major music retailers/streaming platforms.


Funk3's Weekly Mix!

 WHAT A WEEK! We have had some heavy hitters release tracks this week. It's been very nice! From Goldman to Calyx & Teebee to DirtyPhonics, I have had some fun procuring this weeks list. I hope you all enjoy it! This week is a bit heavier  then my other mixes, but I am definitely not complaining :)

 Welcome back to your weekly dose of DNB and I hope your weekend has been swell!

Taiki Nulight - Ill Bred

Something a litte heavier for you today, Taiki Nulight dropped a free download on Soundcloud as a thank you for hitting 20k likes on his Facebook page. If you've heard any Taiki Nulight before, you know to expect some pretty heavy bass, and Ill Bred definitely provides in that department. 

The lead up into this really only hints at the heaviness that's coming until it drops in fully at the one minute mark.  From then on, Ill Bred doesn't really let up the whole way through.  While not particular melodic at any point in the track, it makes up for it in raw bass and percussive energy. This is not for the faint hearted, and may possibly be a bit heavy for those who are solely into, say, the tropical house scene at the moment - but put this on a proper sound system, and you'll find out who can hang with the bass and who can't.

Ill Bred clocks in at 126 BPM, and as such should fit in nicely with most house sets, but while at that bpm, the track feels much slower with its stripped back and sustained heavy bassline. Perfect if you want to take a set in a bit of a different direction, or want to switch up the feel in am already bass heavy set - this one will definitely do the trick.

- KJ

Motez - Tryna Shake It [Sweat It Out]

Motez has been working on his forthcoming Vancouver EP that will be out May 19th on Sweat It Out, and has uploaded one of the tracks from the EP to his Soundcloud page - Tryna Shake It. It's been up for under a week, and has already had more that 90,000 plays.

A rather mellow intro eases up into things until the drop comes in with a hard and heavy non-compromising bassline. Motez then brings the bassline down slightly to allow the keys and synths to come back into play, mellowing things back out again with some vocal cuts slipped in here and there. This is one of the more interesting takes on the bass house/deep house genre I've heard in a while.  Motez is clearly exercising his ability to produce both a slow burning deep house track and a hard hitting bass track all within one, and it works so well.

Watch Sweat It Out Music and their Facebook page for this one dropping on May 29th. You can also check out some of Motez's previous work on his Soundcloud.

- KJ

Mind Cntrl - Muthaf-ckaz [Audiophile XXL]

If you've been waiting for a deep tech or g-house track that sounds like it was mixed with the vibe from The Price Is Right theme and/or smooth elevator jazz, it may not have existed before - but it does now. Mind Cntrl has just released a free download through Audiophile XXL called Muthf-ckaz that fits this bill perfectly.  This is some aggressive deep tech/g-house, so prepare yourself accordingly. The breakdowns into the jazzy horn sections are quite nice and laid back, only to descend into a full on aural assault with each drop.

As with most, if not all the tracks released through Audiophile XXL, this is up as a free download for a follow on Soundcloud, so grab it from the player below.

- KJ