Golf Clap & Sebb Junior - You Can't Hide

No strangers to this blog, eternal tastemakers Eton Messy have just released another solid free download from American Country Club Disco directors Golf Clap and tech house producer Sebb Junior

This is a chill tech house summer jam with really nice loungey pads and a really pleasant progression of accent keys.  All of this comes with the vocal "girl don't you know that you can't hide..." that filters in and out of the track wrapping it all together nicely. There is even a nice bassline that enters early, but remains understated throughout. Definitely going to be banging this one out in my summer sets and road trips, and why not?  It's free fiery goodness!

Really happy to have come across this today, as somehow I had missed Sebb Junior until today. No longer, make sure you check out his Soundcloud as there are a ton of recent heaters there and ready to go.


Loote - High Without Your Love (NAKID Remix)

Fresh New York duo Loote has come out with what I can only imagine will be a 2017 summer anthem. The original is fairly stripped back and reminds me very much of the Chainsmokers hit that seems to keep holding popularity, Closer. If the radio can get over the mild references to drug use, High Without Your Love is bound to follow in the same footsteps. At the same time, this is a call to love as opposed to a drug fuelled anthem, and the musical production follows in the same feel good path laid out by the lyrics.

The remix we're supporting comes from Swedish producer NAKID that turns up the energy slightly with additional percussion while still keeping the emotional feel of the original. The result is a danceable romantic ode to a significant other.  Give it a listen and make sure to add it to your Spotify summer playlists.


MORRT - Adore U

MORRT is back today with another free download follow up to his 3AM EP, Adore U. This is a funky sample-based piece fusion of a number of styles from hip hop to funk to house in the way only the producer from Derbyshire can. Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, it's short but oh so sweet. The horn section and vocal sample throughout really set the stage for the whole track with a nice summery vibe.

Seriously, this one is downloadable straight from the player below, so what are you waiting for? Follow MORRT on Soundcloud and grab all his other free downloads, or pick up his latest offering on iTunes - Dive Right In.

- KJ

Sunset Groove & Jayko - Summertime ft. Sav (Jamie Prado Remix)

"Summertime, and the living is easy..."

We're not sure how we missed this one from Jamie Prado, but it went up about a month ago.  We still had to get on it, as this is really a great piece of work. Also very fitting for the Friday of a long weekend here in (most of) Canada.

Jamie Prado's remix of Sunset Groove & Jayko's Summertime (also a free download) keeps some of the vocal chops from Sav, but remixes the track with a bit more low end groove. This is some really nice future deep house, that's a little more on the deep than the future side of things (which I really like).

This one is up as a free download, so there's no reason to not be bumping this one in your next set, on your next road trip, or your next beach day.  Get on it!

- KJ

Years & Years - King (Røse Summer Edit)

Røse recently dropped a clubby remix of Years & Years' King. Røse's reimagining of the track strips back much of the production from the radio edit, and puts a large focus on the piano and strict melodic elements of the track while incorporating a driving house beat. The remix here has a really nice mix of driving sections as well as more mellow breakdowns where it is mostly keys and vocals. Overall, Røse has done a great job at keeping much of the feel from the original and keeping the recognition factor by retaining the vocals, while giving this a house vibe - not quite straight up house, but not future house either.  The title "Summer Edit" is very fitting though.

So far I'm unsure if this is getting a release or a download link, but keep an eye out for this one. This post will be updated if we can track down a link to anything. For now though, enjoy the stream!

- KJ

JAHKOY - Still In Love (INSTRUM Remix)

INSTRUM has brought some serious deep house summer heat to JAHKOY's Still In Love, remixing the original into a hybrid of R&B, Hip Hop and Deep House.

From the first heavy but warm chords coming through, you know you're in for something great. With the first buildup coming early and the melodic bassline dropping in all before the one minute mark, the remix evolves quickly, but not abruptly. The original lyrics from JAHKOY are still very prominent, but the overall vibe on this remix is ready for the summer beach party or club. Overall, it's a super warm and catchy dance edit that you need to get into your music collection.

INSTRUM has released this as a free download as well, with the download being a full 320kbps extended mix.  If you've gotten this far and still haven't downloaded it, I'm not quite sure what you're doing. Did we mention it's FREE? Get on this.

- KJ

Dom Dolla & Go Freek - Define (Cassian Remix) [Sweat It Out! Music]

Dom Dolla & Go Freek brought out this massive tune earlier this week, with premiering the original mix.  A couple days later, Cassian threw his remix up on his Soundcloud page. The original is a really nice blending of Dom Dolla and Go Freek's somewhat similar bass-house styles with a melodic kick and great lyrics. Cassian's remix takes things a little deeper, utilizing the vocals throughout, and applying a healthy dose of reverb. The first drop at the 1:50 mark gives a little taste of where he's going with this and starts to set the tone, with further percussion coming in with the vocals a bit later.  The breakdown and buildup later on culminates in an awesome hit of energy, bass, and vocals at 3:56. This is a huge tune that's going to be getting heavy rotation over the rest of the summer and well into the fall.

If you haven't heard the original from Dom Dolla and Go Freek, make sure to check it out here. The full EP will be coming out soon on Sweat It Out! Music.

Update: Club Mix and Remixes available here on Beatport, or you can get the single here on iTunes.

- KJ

John Bull & The Bandits - Going Under Cover (Flaurése Leis Remix) [Eton Messy Records Free Download]

Eton Messy is back, and presenting just another example of the great sound coming out of London, and another case of finding budding producers making quality tunes. According to their description, "Flaurése Leis has been quietly preparing several remixes along with plans for a debut EP", so keep an eye on this up-and coming producer for more work down the line.

With his remix of John Bull & The Bandits' Going Under Cover, Flaurése Leis brings a smooth and summery house feel to the indie rock original. Much of the main vocals remain, though there has also been a bit of creative vocal slicing and looping. The end result is a really nice laid back vocal house track for any of your summer activities, and on offer as a free download.

This is the 20th release in Eton Messy's Free Download series, so if you are just getting on board, make sure to check out the playlist linked for a ton of great free music.  While you're over at Soundcloud, make sure to follow Flaurése Leis as well, as there is more music coming from him likely in short order.

- KJ

WDSTCK - So Free (Millesim Remix)

Millesim have come up with a really laid back and summery remix of WDSTCK's So Free.  While the original has a bit of a tropical feel, it has a much quicker pace and heavier drums. Where Millesim really shines is their stripped back and lounge style indie tropical vibe that allows a lot more expression in the melodic elements of the track. Even the vocals seem more expressive and free in this, a bit of a fitting description for its title. We hope you enjoy this remix wherever you happen to be spending your mellow Monday.

The Millesim remix was released back in mid-june as part of the remix package for So Free, with 4 other remixes. It is available from iTunes here.

- KJ

Kendrick Lamar - i (Carneyval & INSTRUM Remix)

INSTRUM and Carneyval went full on future house summer vibes on this remix of Kendrick Lamar's i. You may also have realized that this remix doesn't actually sample the original version of i, but rather uses the acoustic cover done by Jackson Breit (up as a free download). If you're familiar with either the original or the cover, you'll likely be surprised by the direction that INSTRUM and Carneyval took their remix. They left in a healthy amount of the classical guitar, the cover vocals are pitched down and sped up, there are definite future house synth stabs, and all in all, it's just a great mix of sounds brought together in one remix.  It's up as a free download through TropiKult, and the download is an extended full 320kbps version.  It doesn't get much better than that, so get on that download.

- KJ

Avicii - Levels (Chris Stebbins Summer 2015 Remix)

You'll be forgiven for reading the title of this post and thinking "Oh god, not another rehash of this tired old track", because I have to admit, I have the same knee jerk reaction every time I hear Levels even mentioned in casual conversation. But if you had that thought, I hope you pressed play anyway like I did, as you'll be pleasantly surprised with this remix from Chris Stebbins.

Chris has taken the original to another place, with little left from the original aside from his use of the Etta James vocal sample from her 1962 single Something's Got A Hold On Me.  Aside from that sample, Chris has gone on to create a fresh new melody that really gave this track new legs for 2015 that I would never have expected. Do yourself a favour and have a listen, and grab the free download from his Facebook Page.

- KJ

Jessie Ware - Cruel (Klaves Remix)

It's been a little while since we've featured a chill house track for Mellow Monday, but this remix of Jessie Ware by Klaves fits quite nicely. The vocals remain smooth and intact, with Jessie Ware once again showcasing her considerable talent in this area. If you haven't heard of Jessie Ware yet, her work can be heard in several bass heavy dance productions such as Disclosure's Confess To Me, and their hugely popular remix of her track Running, or SBTRKT's Right Thing To Do.

Klaves' take on Cruel maintains many of the same vibes as the original, but with a distinctly house oriented feel. The remix is a bit faster and uses more deep house instrumentation in the warm synth tones, but the overall sound is very similar - much like a transposition between styles as opposed to a large departure from the original.

It doesn't appear to be released anywhere for free or purchased download, so you'll have to settle for streaming for the time being at least.

- KJ

Christian Schultz & Miskeyz - Welcome To Paradise ft. Emma Carn

For our Mellow Monday post, we're bringing you a summery indie flavoured jam from Christian Schultz and Miskeyz featuring vocals from Emma Carn. Welcome to Paradise has a really nice mix of summer flavours, with some definitely indie and folk influence in both the instrumentation and lyrical content, combined with some stripped back house percussion elements. If this doesn't get you through your Monday with a smile, I'm not sure what will.

Welcome to Paradise is available for purchase from iTunes here.

- KJ

Harrison - Music To... Make Summer Love

Toronto producer Harrison just dropped a summer mix for i-D over the weekend for their "Music To..." series. Harrison's is entitled "Music To... Make Summer Love", and is aptly named for the music that is in the mix.  Packed with groovy, funky, summery music, this has everything from dreamy reworks of pop jams to funky nu disco and house tracks to hip hop and rap.  No download or tracklisting on this, so you'll have to use your ears, memory, or maybe Shazam to ID your personal gems from the mix. I know there are some Harrison originals along with some tracks from Jafunk, Geotherory and a Royce remix, but I won't ruin your track searching adventures.

Stream and enjoy the full mix below.

- KJ

Snoop Dogg - Peaches N Cream (JackLNDN Remix)

If you're looking for some serious summer vibes, look no further - JackLNDN delivers just that in his remix of Snoop's first single Peaches N Cream off of his upcoming 2015 album Bush. JackLNDN's bootleg has a laid back house vibe with warm synths throughout, while retaining the funky vibe from the original and featuring the full suite of Snoop lyrics.

Stream below, grab the free download and get the summer started.

- KJ

Felon - Closer

Felon, a crew of three London producers, have only been around for a little over a year, but have blown up over this relatively short span of time.  Felon's tracks are really well done, so it's no surprise that they are now getting attention from major labels such as Ultra Music. From really cool remixes to very polished originals, Felon's material is rock solid from start to finish.  If you don't believe me, just head back to their Soundcloud and see for yourself. Their first single that was released was Isla, and one of my favourites that was also picked up by Ultra is Colour.

Felon is back again with a new track set for dancefloors and beachside sets the world over, straddling a line between deeper tech house and garage, and the summery vibes of tropical house.  Let yourself G a little closer, and have a listen for yourself below.  You won't be disappointed.  Then hit the download button at the top right hand side of the embedded player, as Felon and Ultra have released this as a completely free download.

Don't forget to check their Soundcloud page for more past heat.

- KJ

Midnight City - Freak Me

Midnight City samples Silk's Freak Me Baby and reworks a chopped vocal to lay on top of the throwback dance vibe on the rest of the track.  The vocal is mostly left untouched for the intro aside from being pitched up slightly, before dropping into the chopped version of the vocals and the old school bassline buildup.  The vocal makes one more appearance for a later breakdown, but the meat of this track is really where the house percussion, old school bass and the edited vocal work together to give this a really cool contemporary house throwback vibe throughout. This is a feel good, summer-ready dance track, and uploaded as a free download.  Stream below and hop on this hot download.

- KJ