Harrison Brome - 9 to 5

To be fair, I have to give it to Spotify's discover feature, it manages to dig up cool stuff that I've missed on a pretty consistent basis. This beauty from Harrison Brome is one such suggested track. 9 to 5 starts with a really mellow lead up with amazing vocal chops on display, and even without any drums, the vocals give you a feel good vibe. Then the beat drops in to spice up the groove.

Really nice chill afternoon summer jam, stream below!


Feki - Remember

So we could have waited until later in the week to post this... or maybe until next Monday, since it fits the Mellow Monday vibe so well, but we thought why not post it when it's still fresh?  This amazing chilled out track from Feki was uploaded just a few hours ago, and it's already racked up a couple thousand plays on Soundcloud.  It's no mystery as to why this is, as I've already listened to it multiple times since the first play through.

Remember starts out with a laid back key intro, and slowly introduces vocals and deep bass drums that make up the majority of the stripped back percussion.  At the 1:30 mark, Feki drops in some natural piano work which compliments the instrumentation up to this point spectacularly. Feki isn't content with just continuing down the same path with his music, and this is a perfect example of this approach.  Rather than keeping things the same for the second drop, he introduces an interesting bassline just short of the 3 minute mark, and that last drop brings in everything left in the track.

Get this in you to finish off your Monday.  It's fresh, it's quality. And it's up for free download.

- KJ