Jamie-Rose - Casual

Australian artist Jamie-Rose recently released Casual back on Friday, with the beat produced by EDY. A catchy piece based on the conversation that anyone single and under 30 probably knows well by now. She had reached out to talk about some of the music she has just waiting for release, and there will be some more pretty dope content coming from her soon - trust me. In the meantime, definitely check out Casual and keep an eye on this space for more.

If you’re looking for the Spotify link to add to your playlists, it’s right here. If you prefer Apple music instead, we’ve got you covered too.

Still working on getting posts up here more regularly, have a lot of projects on the go currently (but everything posted is of course top-quality).


Bill Withers - Use Me (Jackson Breit and Carneyval Remix)

The 70's has never sounded so fresh.  A collaboration between Jackson Breit and Carneyval, the two artists have redone Bill Withers' funky and soulful disco classic Use Me. It was dropped on Soundcloud a while back, but I just stumbled across it while doing the writeup and background for the remix of Kendrick Lamar that I posted earlier in the week.

This revision of the original maintains much of the original instrumentation and even some of Bill Withers' vocals through sampling, but the overall feel is very much modernized, along with the addition of Jackson Breit's own vocals and original lyrics.  Have a listen for yourself, and then hit the shopping cart in the player below to download your free copy of this awesome revision of a classic.

- KJ

The Kount - Kount Edition 2

Toronto based producer The Kount has just uploaded Kount Edition 2, an EP of 4 edits. This is some really funky stuff on here, with an experimental blend of disco, hip hop, soul and electronica. My favourite from this EP would have to be The Kount's edit of FKJ's Lying Together with its laid back vibe and late onset synths. These elements paired with the percussion and tight vocal chops give it both a laid back and tight feel at the same time. But really, it's hard to find fault with any of the tracks on the EP - all 4 are thoroughly enjoyable.

The Kount has also gone through and made a bunch of his older work available as name your price/free, so browse through the albums on his Bandcamp page and pick up what sounds good to you!

- KJ

Uknowy music - Free Downloads

This post is a bit of a label spotlight, uknowy music is a label based in Munich Germany, and has a unique flare for releases that seem to share a vibe combining elements of hip hop, rnb, and electronica in addition to mixing in a healthy dose of sampling and remix culture. The label was nice enough to combine a a playlist on their Soundcloud page of all their free downloads in one location, which is embedded below.

If you like what's on show for free below, make sure to check their Soundcloud page for more full releases, including really awesome looking and quality filled physical (limited production) releases like this.

- KJ

Sinead Harnett Ft. Snakehips - No Other Way

This one is a bit of a throwback, as it was released in August of 2014, but it is too fitting for a Mellow Monday post!  This soul gem from Sinead Harnett features some spectacular soothing and sexy vocals that play off the instrumental side of the track so well.  This is a joint collaboration with Snakehips, one of several that are available. The two acts work magic together, as evidenced by the spectacular music that comes from their multiple shared tracks.

The track is available from iTunes, so pick it up if you enjoy it!  And how couldn't you? 

This pairs well with the flip side collaboration, with Snakehips featuring Sinead Harnett - Days With You, which was also released back in August.  A little less mellow, but definitely not lacking in soul or quality.  Days with you is also available to pick up from iTunes here.

- KJ