This Ain't Bristol - Amsterdam Selections

One of the first blog posts on freshdrops was the original TAB Selections back in 2015. Now they’re back with another massive compilation of driving tech-house in preparation/commemoration of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) coming up at the end of October. 14 tracks from artists like This Ain’t Bristol regulars like Maximono and Nick Olivetti, along with some new faces. The sound throughout is signature TAB though - grimy, deep, dark and pounding tech-house.

My two standout picks from this compilation are definitely BYOR - Call Me Up, and MKJAY & Lowdown’s Afterhours.

The official release isn’t until October 12th, but check out the sampling of the entire compilation below.


Endor - Kiss Me Baby

Endor has come out with a fitting release for the Valentines season, working off of a Michael Jackson vocal sample to bring this great house production. As with most of Endor's tracks, he has released this as a free download.

Kiss Me Baby works off a chopped up vocal taken from Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel, that is both recognizable but also tweaked enough to be very different from simply adding the vocal unchanged. Endor works his deep house and garage style around the vocal, and the result is spectacular. If you're looking for something fitting to work into a Valentines DJ set, this is the track you've been searching for.

Add it to your collection by hitting the download button on the player below, and check out Endor's Facebook page for tons more of his past work up for free download as well.  There are some real gems.

- KJ