This Ain't Bristol - Amsterdam Selections

One of the first blog posts on freshdrops was the original TAB Selections back in 2015. Now they’re back with another massive compilation of driving tech-house in preparation/commemoration of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) coming up at the end of October. 14 tracks from artists like This Ain’t Bristol regulars like Maximono and Nick Olivetti, along with some new faces. The sound throughout is signature TAB though - grimy, deep, dark and pounding tech-house.

My two standout picks from this compilation are definitely BYOR - Call Me Up, and MKJAY & Lowdown’s Afterhours.

The official release isn’t until October 12th, but check out the sampling of the entire compilation below.


Low Steppa - Raw Cuts Vol. 1 EP

Low Steppa is a name that should need no introduction on freshdrops, as we have featured a number of his tracks already.  And there's a good reason for that - he is a producer that continues to kill it, track after track. He has been teasing that he would be doing a free download through his Facebook and Instagram accounts for the past while, and followed through yesterday with three banging house tracks that feature the signature Low Steppa bass/house/garage style. 

There's really no need to wax on about this little EP, just dive in there and listen to it, and hit the download button on all the tracks either before or after... It really doesn't matter, since it's pretty much inevitable that you'll be downloading them anyway.

- KJ

Dom Dolla & Go Freek - Define (Cassian Remix) [Sweat It Out! Music]

Dom Dolla & Go Freek brought out this massive tune earlier this week, with premiering the original mix.  A couple days later, Cassian threw his remix up on his Soundcloud page. The original is a really nice blending of Dom Dolla and Go Freek's somewhat similar bass-house styles with a melodic kick and great lyrics. Cassian's remix takes things a little deeper, utilizing the vocals throughout, and applying a healthy dose of reverb. The first drop at the 1:50 mark gives a little taste of where he's going with this and starts to set the tone, with further percussion coming in with the vocals a bit later.  The breakdown and buildup later on culminates in an awesome hit of energy, bass, and vocals at 3:56. This is a huge tune that's going to be getting heavy rotation over the rest of the summer and well into the fall.

If you haven't heard the original from Dom Dolla and Go Freek, make sure to check it out here. The full EP will be coming out soon on Sweat It Out! Music.

Update: Club Mix and Remixes available here on Beatport, or you can get the single here on iTunes.

- KJ

Shenga - Just Can't Stop

I found Shenga, a duo based out of Sheffield in the UK, through Instagram where they had liked one of my posts regarding the blog. I decided to check out their material, as they had a link to their Soundcloud in their account description. I was pleasantly surprised, finding some really great house productions, of which Just Can't Stop is only one example. This is some deep house with some definite garage influence and a generally grimey vibe throughout.  It all works together through a nice bassline chord progression to really get the vibe across.

Grab the Just Can't Stop EP along with remixes from Beatport, and make sure to check Shenga's Soundcloud as well. 

- KJ

Mad Villains - The Salmon Dance (Mad Villains' 2015 Revibe)

This is a classic track from The Chemical Brothers that I hope needs no introduction.  This Revibe however - is something new altogether.  Mad Villains comes in hard on this one, reworking the original into a two-step track with deep basslines dropping in around the 1:30 mark to give it the vibe that continues throughout the rest of the track.

The vocals that he maintains from the original ensure that recognizability factor while really bringing the overall track into new territory.  I've heard a couple of remixes of this track over the last while, (notably Wuki's bootleg from his Wuki leaks series), but this revibe really takes the cake out of everything I've heard.

Do yourself a favour and hit the shopping cart button that will take you to Mad Villains' Facebook page.  All you need to do to get this track is like the page and you'll have access to this, along with an older collaboration between Mad Villains and Holt Blackheath.

- KJ