Soft Eyez - Cup Noodles

Perfect for some Sunday relaxation, Effortless featured a beauty piece from Soft Eyez who brings a jazzy piano vibe and tosses a laid back beat down to round it all out. The warbles and echoes in the piano track keep you guessing a little as to what’s coming next. This is a short little jam that will make you want to repeat a few times through. You can also grab a free mp3 so you can loop it to your heart’s content.


Flamingosis - Newski Album

It's no surprise that freshdrops has been feeling what Flamingosis has been putting out for some time.  I don't think there has been much material put out on his Soundcloud that we haven't posted, so why stop now?  The producer from New Jersey just put up a collection of 15 tracks that simply hadn't been released anywhere as of yet.  There may be a few tracks in here that sound familiar, as they've been included in some of the Friday Care Packages earlier in the year.  

Though the album spans a larger length of time between the earliest and most recently produced tracks, they all are recognizably Flamingosis, with his flare for meshing everything from Jazz, Swing and Funk into his Hip Hop beats.  This is all up for download from his Bandcamp Page here for just $7.

As if the 15 track album wasn't enough this week, Flamingosis also released an awesome Biggie remix, as a free download from his Soundcloud page. All you have to do to grab this is hit the download button in the embedded player here.

Also, if you haven't picked up the Kahunastyle album that was released earlier this year, get on it here.  It's also a free download.

- KJ

Mind Cntrl - Muthaf-ckaz [Audiophile XXL]

If you've been waiting for a deep tech or g-house track that sounds like it was mixed with the vibe from The Price Is Right theme and/or smooth elevator jazz, it may not have existed before - but it does now. Mind Cntrl has just released a free download through Audiophile XXL called Muthf-ckaz that fits this bill perfectly.  This is some aggressive deep tech/g-house, so prepare yourself accordingly. The breakdowns into the jazzy horn sections are quite nice and laid back, only to descend into a full on aural assault with each drop.

As with most, if not all the tracks released through Audiophile XXL, this is up as a free download for a follow on Soundcloud, so grab it from the player below.

- KJ