The Hard Drive Meltdown Extended Playlist

As promised, here is the playlist that I've been holding back while working on my hard drive... 40 tracks, a lot of new stuff, a few older releases, lots of free downloads.  Hope you enjoy, and bear with me as I sort out my data woes once I get back from my tour of Toronto and Montreal.  I'll be back with you as soon as I can!

Also, I've been digging through record stores on my travels for some cool stuff that I may add into some mixes or other material on here in the future, so watch for that... In the meantime, I hope these 40 tracks will hold you over.

- KJ

General Update

My apologies for the lack of new posts lately, I've been dealing with a crashed hard drive and am now on a trip to Toronto and Montreal. I'll be resorting to dropping another large playlist with everything I've been listening to the last while as soon as I can get out together for you. And once I'm back home with a (hopefully recovered) hard drive, we'll be back in business with more music :)

 - KJ

Watermät & Moguai - Portland (Oliver Adam Remix)

I came across this remix today on my Soundcloud stream, and really liked the spin that Oliver Adam put on this Watermät and Moguai track. This is (in my opinion) a huge improvement from the original track, which I have to be honest, I probably would not have given a second listen. Oliver Adam has worked some magic here on this remix though. It's a bit tropical, but also has a really deep feel to it, with a touch of a future vibe as well. He also makes ample use of the vocal throughout this remix, making up for how little it is used in the original.

Oliver Adam created this track as an entry into the Spinnin' Records remix competition, so if you want to see it released, or if you just like the track, vote for it here.  Make sure you also check out his Soundcloud page for more of his work.

- KJ

Lanzo x Yclept Insan - bloom.

With the Labour Day weekend here in Canada, we might as well call this one the Mellow Mid-Week post, but nonetheless we've got something chill and fresh for you today. Lanzo and Yclept Insan have dropped this little number entitled bloom. on Natural Selection just this morning. If you're into visuals as well, the Youtube video is here.

bloom. is a quick 2 minute hip hop jam, but when you have something this good, 2 minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven... there are some really interesting sounds in this one, with Lanzo and Yclept Insan obviously experimenting (successfully) with some ambient and off the wall sampling. It's all brought together with the simple hip hop break and the synth providing a the melodic portions to the track.

I haven't found anything in terms of release just yet, but enjoy the stream below.

- KJ

Back to School Mix!

Well! Its the labour day weekend! Hope you are all having fun and not reading this. Unless it`s monday evening, then you`re excused ;) This week has been massive in terms of tunes. You'll be seeing some sneak peaks with KS & HammerZz overdose & dubsack coming out in October!  Dubsack is just sick, there is a silky smooth bassline overlaid with some funky atmospherics. I have some really tight remixes and since I am going to see Phace tonight there will be some old school classics added as well :)

Enjoy the list guys and see you next weekend!

Nuage - Spring Ghosts [Project Mooncircle]

Another post for Mellow Monday.  Though this one may not be necessarily mellow, it's definitely deep, brooding and emotional. Nuage's EP "Neida" was recently released by Project Mooncircle, a label and creative collective based in Germany that focuses on experimental electronic music.

Spring Ghosts is one of the tracks from the release that is a little more experimental in its use of percussion and beats, where some of the other tracks on the EP lean more toward a house style. Nuage also uses some really interesting and haunting vocal loops on this production that enhance the feel of the track throughout.

If you like how this one sounds, you can stream the entire EP on Project Mooncircle's Bandcamp page, where you can also purchase the digital or limited edition vinyl release. I also included one of the other tracks (Erased) from this release on my last mix for Underground Sound Canada, so watch for that upload as well.

- KJ

Astronaughty - Try Much Harder

Today for our Mellow Monday post, we've got something a bit different from the fresh NYC electro/pop duo Astronaughty. Try Much Harder has a sound that is particularly reminiscent of The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie, really catchy and melodic with vocals that seem both fragile and powerful at the same time.

The guys of Astronaughty are giving this one away for free, so hit the download icon in the player below to grab your copy.

- KJ

Funk3's Weekly Mix!

 WHAT A WEEK! We have had some heavy hitters release tracks this week. It's been very nice! From Goldman to Calyx & Teebee to DirtyPhonics, I have had some fun procuring this weeks list. I hope you all enjoy it! This week is a bit heavier  then my other mixes, but I am definitely not complaining :)

 Welcome back to your weekly dose of DNB and I hope your weekend has been swell!


My apologies to those of you who have been checking back for new music this week, I've been playing a bunch of gigs (another one at the Hookah Lounge in Regina tonight if you're here) and have neglected my posting duties... But I'll make sure to put together a massive care package for all of you tomorrow, so keep an eye out!  We've also got our monthly mix with Underground Sound Canada coming up this Sunday! Thanks for keeping up with us here :)

- KJ

Funk3's Sunday DNB Package

 Hey everyone! I'm back! I've decided to make this a weekly post from yours truly, since I am running the ball on perhaps too many things? But this ball will be rolling, and you can depend on me for a weekly dose of Drums n Bass.

 This week I've pulled some favorites of mine from a few subgenres. We start off smooth with some Ivy Labs & NLP. Then I kick it up a notch with some TRIXX for your cereal and high frequency needs ;). After that I pull out a Jungle Banger for those wanting a simple groovy bassline over the genres defining amen break which culminates in a 3 song bender of some good ol NeuroFunk Filth. Then we bring it back a touch and put you back on homebase (and reality) with an Erb n Dub remix. No worries though, its has a touch of that Neuro that can be hard to shake off! 

 I'll be rocking some Glitch Hop here, but that is indefinite until I gather enough songs for a good mix. But you can always expect some DNB!

Until next time


Tabrill - Letters ft. Youth Allowance

We've got something a little different for you all today, a genre defying collaboration between two Brisbane based acts - future beats/trap/chill/electronic/general cool sounds producer Tabrill, and indie rock group Youth Allowance.

The idea came about as many strange yet great collaboration ideas come from - in an alcohol-influenced conversation at a party. Will from Youth Allowance approached Tabrill about doing a track together, and the two parties came together to create the hybrid, genre-defying (or maybe genre defining? yes?) Letters. A really nice mix of indie instrumentation and lyricism brought together with Tabrill's electronic production experience, and the outcome is better than anyone could have hoped.

Have a listen to the track below, and if you're feeling it, pick it up on iTunes or stream with your Spotify account. Make sure to follow both Tabrill and Youth Allowance on Soundcloud to keep up with their new material.  We are.

- KJ

Tony Quattro - My House ft. Showtime Willy

Here's a house track with a really interesting production story behind it.  The track itself is pretty great as well, but the most interesting thing about it is actually buried in the background details of the vocal.  New York based producer Tony Quattro was riding home from work on the subway, and happened to be on the same train car that was treated to an impromptu stand-up comedy session.

The stand-up routine was put on by New York local homeless man Showtime Willy, and Tony was taken by his infectious delivery and vocal qualities. Showtime Willy is a long-time resident of New York City, and has been living on the subway cars for over 30 years, performing his stand-up routines for audiences throughout the day.  Before Willy could leave the train, Tony made his way over to Willy and offered him $20 to record some vocals with him for a house production.

My House is that production, and apparently the whole session took about 45 minutes to lay down the vocals that ended up on the final version.  When they wrapped up, Tony sent Willy home with a bit more money along with some alcohol and cigarettes.

My House was released as part of the Plates compilation on Main Course, a forward thinking label run by Bot (Formerly of Crookers).  Pick up the compilation on iTunes here. Also, credit to Thump for the original premiere of the track.

- KJ

RÜFÜS - You Were Right

Australian group Rüfüs has come through with a really nice mix of deep house and pop lyrical content in the form of You Were Right, a great mellow crossover track.

The deep house sounds are made all the more melancholic through the lyrical content along with those ethereal high pitched stabs of whatever they are... If you streamed the track already, you know exactly the sound I'm talking about. If you haven't, you will.

If you're feeling You Were right, hit the shopping cart icon in the plater below to head to the iTunes music store and grab it for you collection.

- KJ

JackLNDN - All I See

If you've been following freshdrops for any length of time, you will know that JackLNDN is no stranger to the blog, especially in Mellow Monday features.  His sound just fits so well into the vibe we go for on Mondays - chilled out, laid back sounds and feelings.

All I See once again hits that mark, with a nice mix of instrumentation and vocals, setting the tone for your mellow monday.  Just hit play and enjoy the laid back piano and house sounds... and hit the shopping cart icon in the player below to be taken to a page that lays out options to buy or stream the track on a number of major outlets.

- KJ

Golf Clap - Feel It (Mad Villains Remix) [Country Club Disco]

We've featured and posted in the past about both Mad Villains and Golf Clap, and they're both back with a remix on Country Club Disco.

Mad Villains brings a deep garagey vibe to Golf Clap's Feel It.  If you've heard any of Mad Villain's productions before, you'll recognize his tight production style right away.  If you haven't heard any of his previous material before, you best get on that and browse his Soundcloud page now. A healthy mixture of both house and garage in this remix, and Country Club Disco is just giving it away. Download through the shopping cart link in the player below or click here.

- KJ